You’re mine now

Request: Can someone do a one shot where you play drunk twister with Niall and end up having sex? Xx

My parents decided to go on a last-minute holiday, which means I have the house to myself! And that means a little house party, of course. I ring up my best friend [Y/B/F/N] and tell her the exciting news. She is the one who’s good at organizing stuff, so I ask her to come over asap to discuss our little party. As soon as she arrives, she’s buzzing all over the place and writes everything down we need.

First up the invites. Since it’s the end of summer and uni starts again next week, most of our friends are in town. [Y/B/F/N]’s boyfriend is Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles from One Direction. I must admit he’s a nice lad, and I guess his bandmates are too. So besides all our friends from uni, she invites them (and their girlfriends) too. I didn’t mind because the more people, the more interesting this could be.

After sending everyone their invite, we rush off to the supermarket. We buy everything of the list [Y/B/F/N] had made. Crisps, candy, liquor, ice cubes, … and a Twister game.

Once we’re home again, we set everything ready and head upstairs to get ourselves ready. A quick shower, a search through my closet to find the perfect clothes and a make-up session. By the time we’re done, [Y/B/F/N] and I got loads of text messages of friends saying they’re on their way. Perfect timing!

We hear cars pulling up the driveway, so we head downstairs and open the door to our friends. We greet them all and accept the extra liquor they brought. Everyone mingles over the loud music and the liquor passes fluently.

A half hour later, the doorbell rings again. The popstars have arrived, fashionably late of course. I greet them all with a kiss on the cheek  and guide them to the lounge area where everybody else was. [Y/B/F/N] comes running into Harry, kissing all over his face.

What do you all want to drink?” I ask the famous boys and their girls. Most of them decide on vodka with soda, except Niall, who didn’t know what to have. So I take him with me to the kitchen, so he can choose. After I hand him a beer, he thanks me. “Thank you, babe” I smile as reply, not knowing what to do..

We head back to the rest, and I see [Y/B/F/N] taking out Twister. Oh god. As soon as she sees me, she yells “[Y/N], come play with us!!” No thank you, [Y/B/F/N]” I say with a smile. [Y/B/F/N] pouts her lips, not liking my answer. “Pussy” I hear from behind me. I turn around to see Niall. “Did you just call me a pussy, Niall?” I ask him. He nods with a cheeky grin. “Wait [Y/B/F/N], I’m in but only if Niall’s playing” I say, daring him. “Fine by me” he answers confident “Okay, let’s play!!” [Y/B/F/N] yells over the music.

I saw my other friends in groups playing various drinking games. So what the hell, let’s do this. And besides playing with this blonde hottie made it much more interesting. [Y/B/F/N] explains the rules to drunk Twister, which are:

- Set up the game mat: place a shot of beer on each blue and green circle and a shot of your choice of hard alcohol on each red and yellow circle. 

- One person takes control of the spinner. She or he must take a shot of beer every time the spinner lands on blue or green. If the pointer lands on the line, the spinner has to chug a beer for spinning like a dumbass. 

- For each turn, the player who is up moves his or her body part to the color that is called out by the spinner. Before securing their position, the player must finish the shot in the circle. 

- Once a shot glass has been taken off a circle, that spot can no longer be used for another turn. 

- If at any time a player falls over on to the mat, he or she must chug a beer for every fallen shot glass.  

The Game Ends When: There are no more shot glasses on the mat or someone gives up.

The first round it was me vs. Niall, with [Y/B/F/N] as spinner. Niall was constant hovering me, and it got me very aroused. Plus downing shot after shot, stimulated me getting horny. Second round it was [Y/B/F/N] vs. Harry, with Niall and me as spinner. He didn’t want to be the spinner alone, so we decided to share the title of spinner. I sat on his lap while spinning the stick and every now and then, Niall would whisper something dirty in my ear. It was obvious we were both horny as fuck. Third round it was Louis and his girl, and Niall and I were off duty and I guided him to my bedroom.

When we reach the bed he lays me down, taking off my clothes. Stripped down to my lingerie, I sit up and take Nialls shirt of his chest and dropping his jeans to the floor. He shoves me onto the bed and straddles me. I can feel my heartbeat thumping through my breast, and his cock getting bigger in his boxers. We smile at each other and kiss; our kisses get longer, slower, and deeper as we rub our hands over each other’s bodies. Niall starts kissing and sucking along my collarbone, down to my neck and boobs. He teases my nipple by twirling his tongue over them. “Oooh Niall” I moan with pleasure. Slowly he goes lower and lower. He licks his way down and makes my pussy even wetter with his mouth, lapping up his sweet glistening fuck and flicking and sucking on my twitching clit. “You’re so fucking wet” He smirks at me ”You make me so fucking wet” I moan back at him. He replaces his tongue with his rough fingers.  His fingers rub and flick my aching clit, teasing and pleasuring my sopping pussy, getting my wetness all over his hands. His sticky fingers lightly circle around my tight hole, making me beg for them to enter me. When they do they thrust hard into my soaking pussy as I back into them in rhythm. Finally the pleasure reaches a fever pitch inside me, as I moan and breathe louder while he plays with my pussy with his fingers. ‘Mmmm, I’m going to cummm,’ I tell him. With his fingers rubbing my clit I cum, bucking and shaking and moaning. He lets me catch my breath, gets up and kisses me deeply. “Please Niall, fuck me.” I beg him and he complies, as he gets me up and positions me doggy style.

 “Fuck you taste so good” he pants after he licks off his fingers, he replaces his fingers with his cock, filling my tight wet cunt from behind, massaging my tits, and pulling my hair from behind, letting me fuck myself on his rock hard dick while he watches my ass bounce against his hips. “Oh my god, Niall, you’re so big!” I yell as he pounds my pussy even faster and deeper. He flips me onto my back and fucks me hard again while holding my arms over my head and biting and sucking on my neck and tits while my body tenses and writhes under him, my pussy getting even tighter as my pleasure rises. “Oooh baby, you feel so good” He groans out. I cum hard again, crying out and spasming in ecstasy while his own pleasure overwhelms him and he covers my cunt and glistening tits in hot fuck.

I flip us around, so I’m straddling him and decided it’s my time to pleasure him good. Using my hands and mouth, I’m making his cock thick and hard. I kiss and lick it gently, taking my time tasting it and making him ache as I slowly build up the pleasure. “Ooooh!” he cries out as I quickly take him into my mouth. I take him a couple more times then slowly lick up and down his cock, wrapping my tongue around it and taking him deep into my mouth as he continues to moan. “Do you like that?” I ask, taking him again. “I fucking love it” He answers, and he holds my hair as I fuck him with my mouth. I feel his cock tightening and know he’s almost there. I continue to suck and lick his cock, my tongue flicking the tip as he cries out “Oooh, God!” in pleasure. He cums in my mouth and I swallow it all. “I fucking love the way you taste” I say.

After regaining our breath for 5 minutes, I sit up and start dressing again. “We should get back to the party” I say looking at Niall laying in my bed. As reply I get one of his beautiful smiles and he starts dressing.

Just before I open the door, I feel Nialls hands on my hips, pulling me towards him. “Just so you know, you’re mine now.” He whispers in my ear, sending shivers through my spine. “And what does being yours means?” I ask him playfully. “It means I get to fuck you whenever and wherever I want and nobody else touches you.” He murmurs against my neck skin before placing a kiss.


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