Beach Tease


Harry and I sat on the porch of our beach house, on our private island, in the Bahamas looking out at the crystal, clear water.

 It was Harry’s first week off since tour ended and he decided a vacation to the Bahamas was very much needed. So we packed our bags and flew out to this beautiful place.

Harry took off his shirt wanting to tan.

 “It feels so good here.” He sighed contently. I smiled, nodding in agreement; both of us having been used to the cold London weather.

 He stood up in front of me, showing off his amazingly fit body. My eyes wandered all over him, from his strong biceps, all over his torso, and landing on his –never ending- V-line. I grew wet at the sight of his basketball shorts that were slung dangerously low on his hips, the material just barely covering his pubic bone.

“God you’re so fucking hot, babe.” I unintentionally moaned out, only to receive a chuckle from him.

 “I could say the same about you. Red is definitely your colour, baby girl.” He said gesturing to my very skimpy, red bikini.

 “C’mon, love, let’s go get in the water.”

“I have an even better idea.” I said before sitting on my knees in front of him and kissing all over his torso and licking his abs, occasionally leaving love bites along them.

 “Mmm, babe what are you doing?” Harry asked as I felt his dick grow against my boobs. I didn’t respond, only kept sucking love bites onto his perfectly tan skin. He kept moaning and just stood there watching me enjoy myself.

 Slowly, I pulled down his shorts to find him completely bare.

“Mmm, no boxers, baby?” I moaned running my fingernails in the dips of his v-line making him shiver and moan quietly.

 “Please, baby girl?” He whined.

“What is it, baby?”

 “Please blow me, mmm!” I loved doing this to him, teasing him until he begs for me to please him. Without another word, I took the tip of his dick in my mouth causing Harry to cry out in pleasure.

 “Ohh, Y/n!” He threw his head back, closed his eyes, and his mouth fell open. Pre-cum dripped out of his slit and onto my tongue. I moaned against him, adding on to the pleasure. My hand went to work on his shaft while I sucked on the tip and let my free hand wander down to my clit, rolling it around between my fingers and pinching it.

Harry untied the strings of my bikini top, letting it fall to the –almost white- sand. He held my hair away from my face, creating a clear view for him to watch my lips wrapped around his thick, throbbing, and long dick.

 “Just like that, baby!” He cried out when I took him into my mouth until his tip hit the back of my throat and his balls were at my lips while his pubes were a few centimeters away from my nose. Solely his hips started bucking and he was soon fucking my mouth. I gripped onto his hips, hollowing my cheeks, and sucking harder on him.

 “Ahhh! Shit!” Harry yelled as wave after wave of pleasure came crashing down on him and he released his seed into my mouth. His legs became shaky and he fell to the sand on his knees, chest heaving and beads of sweat dotting his face as his curls stuck to his forehead.

 “That was fucking incredible.” He panted out. A smug smile came across my face as I looked at him.

 “Now it’s your turn.” Harry says, pushing me onto my back in the sand as he leaned down and came face to face with my centre. He was so close I could feel his breath ghosting over it.

“Hazz, please?” I moan, waiting for him.

 He completely skips the foreplay and goes straight to sucking on my clit.

“Oh Harry!” I moan loudly, putting my hands in his hair and holding him there. I could feel his plump lips smirking against me before he stuck his tongue into my entrance licking all around my walls. My hips bucked up involuntarily, causing his nose to hit my clit.

“Mmm Hazz, baby shit!” Just then, he had stiffened his tongue and hit my g-spot. He kept repeating this action for a few minutes, driving me closer to the edge.

“I’m close!” I yelled out.

 “Cum for me,” Harry mumbled against me. I screamed out as my legs shook and all my energy was drained from me. Harry hadn’t let up yet, but I really needed him to.

“H-harry stop, please!” I pulled on his hair trying to tug him away. Reluctantly he pulled away, licking his lips as he came back up.

 “You taste so sweet, baby.” I smiled a weakly at him, not having much energy. Harry crawled up to me, resting his head on my boobs while cuddling me.

 “I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, Harry.” 

-Sarra Styles (sarrahoran)

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