The Love Of My Life


(Your POV)

You’ve never felt pain like this, you didnt even know pain like this existed. You were just standing there watching the love of your life make love to a girl you didnt recognize, you felt your heart break into a million pieces just watching so you had to get out of there. You wrote him a note:

"i saw everything, you dont need to explain, i get it i wasnt enough. I’ll come back one of these days to pick up my stuff. Dont call or text ne please.
Love, (Y/N).”

Now you’re walking around London not knowing where to go next, you thought about flying back to your hometown, but you didnt think your mom would take you back after the argument you got into when you decided to move in with him. You called up your closets friend, (Y/BFF/N) . You told her what happened over the phone and she agreed to let you stay there as long as you needed. When you got to her house you told her about going back to your hometown, she was a little taken back, but after a while she understood how you were feeling and let you call your mom. You were surprised when your mom answered, she was very understanding and said that you could come back home with no problem. You told (Y/BFF/N) you would need to go back to his house to get your stuff tomorrow, (Y/BFF/N) told you the boys had to go to the studio so it worked out better for you…

(His POV)

I felt dirty having sex with this girl, whos name i dont even remember, i shouldnt be doing this, (Y/N) should be home any minute and im here fucking some random girl senseless, once we both hit our climax i pulled out of her and collapsed in the space next to her. I turned to look at her and remembered why i brought her back in the first place, she had (Y/N)’s hair, eyes, lips, everything, it was quite weird honestly. She started laughing and i looked at her confused

"Stop staring" she giggled

even get laugh sounded like (Y/N)’s. I needed to get this girl out of our house.

"So…ermmm…" i studdered

"You want me to leave dont you?" she replied

i looked at her dumbfounded because she literally read my mind.

"Yeah, sorry if you dont mind?" It came out as more as question.

"No problem" she said

once she was dressed i checked the time and i noticed (Y/N) shouldve been here 3 hours ago. I began to worry, i got dressed quickly and darted out of my room to go look for her, but once i passed the kitchen, i noticed a pink piece of paper sitting on the counter.

"i saw everything, you dont need to explain, i get it i wasnt enough. I’ll come back one of these days to pick up my stuff. Dont call or text ne please.
Love, (Y/N).”

She saw everything. My mind started racing, i have no idea where she went. I called up all the boys and asked if they have heard from (Y/N) and i got the same answer from all of them, No. I called Danielle,Perrie &(Y/BFF/N) but only Danielle and Perrie picked up, so i immediatly drove to (Y/BFF/N)’s house.

(Your POV)

You were getting ready to go to sleep when you heard a loud banging at the front door. You heard someone talking to her at the door but you couldnt hear their converstation.

"Leave! you’ve hurt her enough for one day!" She said

"It was a mistake! I never meant for it to happen, it just kinda did!" he argued

"(Y/BFF/N)?" you questioned

When you got to the door you saw who she was arguing with, your eyes got wide and you felt like your chest had too much pressure.

"(Y/N)" he whispered.

You fliched at the sound of your voice coming out of his mouth. He noticed and his face suddenly dropped.

"Please…let me explain" he begged

"Theres nothing to explain, you want to go and fuck around with anything you see with boobs then go ahead, but im not sticking around to watch you." I stated

The look on his face was heartbreaking but i wasnt letting my gaurd down this time, ive made up my mind and im going back to my hometown.

"Dont leave me please, just dont I-I fucked up but I-Im so-sorry babe." he sobbed

"Dont call me that, im not your babe anymore, we’re done, you broke my trust, i LOVED you, but you obviously didnt love me back because you wouldnt have done this if you actually loved me." you cried

He stood there silent, because he knew everything that came out of your mouth was true, he had lost his love for you, and this wasnt the first time he fooled around, but he wanted to make it work because he wanted to fall back inlove with you, he never thought you would find out about his affairs and he never thought you would actually leave.

"Look, tomorrow im going back to your flat to get all of mg stuff and after that im flying back to my hometown to live with my mom and start fresh, i dont want you to follow me, i want you to forget you ever met me, because i can assure you that im gonna do my best to forget you, dont call me, dont text me, dont have any of the boys or girls text me because i wont respond, you lost all your rights to talk to me when you were having sex with all those bimbos." you told him

"No! you can’t just leave! im begging you, ill stop going out, ill stop drinking, ill spend all my free time with you as long as you stay! p-p-please…kitten?" he wasnt giving up

"No, you lost me, im gone." i turned on my heel and headed for the guest room.

(His POV)

After i left (Y/BFF/N) i felt completly drained, i lost the love of my life because i thought i didnt love her anymore and i gave that love to random girls who i didnt care about.

*Next Morning*

(Your POV)

(Y/BFF/N) was going to his house with me to help me pack up all my things, when we got to his house, i saw his car in his driveway including 4 other cars, great, the boys are here. I wanted to turn around and leave but my flight left in 6 hours so i had to hurry up and get packing. I knocked on the door and Liam opened the door.

"Hey." he greeted me

"Hi." i replied to him

He let me in, all of them were gathered in the livingroom with him, His hair was matted down, his eyes werent the bright green they used to be, they were dull almost brownish. I kind of felt bad, but then i remembered hes the one the caused this. I shook the thoughts out of my head and continued going to the room we used to share.

(His POV)

"i fucked up so bad" i said

"Dont be to hard on yourself, mate." Louis repiled

i heard her shuffling around in our room collecting all of her things. After a while her and (Y/BFF/N) came down with everything the belonged to her. I couldnt look her in the eyes. She said a small “goodbye” to everyone in the room and then she just walked out.
I, Harry Styles let the love of my life walk out on me and i havent heard from her since.


- anonymous

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