You were sitting in your history class, it was a typical boring Friday… You were dozed off into space until your teacher spoke up. “Okay, there will be an 200 word essay due on Monday on the civil war! This essay will count half of your grade for the semester.” Your history teacher said as everyone in the class grunted, obviously not excited. “I have paired you into partners of two so it won’t be as much work or pressure.” He always picked your partners, and usually he would pair you with the person you hate or thought you needed to become friends with. “Mackenzie with Joseph, Maddie with Jessica.” He went on and on through the list until you heard your name being called. “Y/N and… Zayn.” He called out. ‘yes’ you thought to yourself, he was a nerd. You would obviously get an A on this project! Zayn really didn’t have any friends, he wasn’t popular and got bullied most times. He barely spoke, sat alone at lunch and was really shy. You don’t think he’s as much as a nerd as other people think. Actually, you thought he was quite attractive,  unlike others. “Okay, remember kids. Essay due MONDAY! No later!” He blurted as he clapped his hands together. The bell rang and all of the people rushed out of the class. You stood up and walked towards Zayn. You walked in front of his desk and he looked up at you. “Hey, so when do you want to work on this essay? Today?” I smiled as I asked him. “You’re talking to me? Wont you be afraid someone will see you and ruin your reputation or something?” He said obviously upset, man… people really must hurt him. “Zayn, I’m not embarrassed to talk to you! I’m not like the other people.” When I mean no one talked to him.. I absolutely meant NO ONE. He was a total outcast. “Let’s go, we can go to my house and work on it. C’mon.” You said as you grabbed his hand and exited the back door of the class leading to your car in the schools parking lot. “Are you sure you want to be seen with me?” He stated. “Zayn, get in the car. I’ll be fine.” you smiled. You dove about ten minutes all the way back to your place. You and Zayn exited the car and into your house. “Mom! I have a friend over! We’ll be in my room!” You shouted as you walked down the hall. You always had friends over, so much your mom honestly didn’t care anymore. You heard her yell ‘Ok.’. You finished walking down the hall until your reached your bedroom and walked in. Zayn followed behindd with his hands in his pockets. You threw your bag on the ground and sat on your bed. He just stood at the door in dead silence. “Don’t be shy, put your bag down, grab your notebook and come sit next to me!” You said as you patted the spot next to you on the bed. He grabbed a pen & a piece of paper. He sat next to you. “So, how do you want to start the essay?” You asked him as you crossed your legs in front of you. “We could… uh…” He sort of stuttered. “Zayn, are you shy?” You asked as you scooted close to him. “I’m just really surprised your not afraid to talk to me… like everyone else.” His eyes brightened with a little smile.  “I have a question.” You blurted. “Yeah?” He responded. “Have you kissed a girl before?” You asked as he was kind of embarrassed. “No, I’ve never even talked to a girl without her insulting me.” He sighed and looked down. “Come here.” You signaled him your way as he moved closed to you. “So honestly, you’ve never kissed a girl?” I turned my head so we were just inches apart from each others face. “N-no…” You leaned in and kissed his lips softly and pulled his body to the side of you and led his hand to your waist, and his other arm holding himself up on the side of you. He pulled away. “I.. didn’t. me-” He tried to say before you cut him off. “It’s alright, continue I like it.” You smiled and put your lips back on his. Obviously this was his ‘first’ time. You grabbed his hand and moved it down to your thigh and closer to your area. He deepened the kiss catching on and slid his tongue into your mouth. He climbed on top of you, he kissed the outline of your lips then started at your neck, leaving little bites everywhere. You flipped him over so you were straddling him and pushed your hand up his shirt, eventually slipping it up and throwing in somewhere in the room. He grabbed the hem of yours and did the same. You grinded both of your crotches together in sync, you then grabbed him through his jeans which made him groan and throw his head back. You grabbed the zipper of his jeans, zipped it down and threw his jeans on the floor. You went down kissing around his area but not exactly on it. You slid his boxers down off of him then grabbed him. You left around the shaft teasing him. “No teasing, just go.” He said kind of demandingly. You just smirked and shoved his whole length into your mouth. “Fuuuuuuckkk.” You heard him his gritting his teeth. You could feel him twitch in your mouth. He grabbed the back of your head and pushed in down as he bucked his hips. He came inside your mouth and you swallowed all of his juices. He grabbed you and flipped you over so he was on top again. He unsnapped your bra almost instantly and did the same with your shorts. He positioned himself at your entrance. You grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him close. “Just fuck me Zayn.” You said which turned him on SO much. He shoved himself into you, Zayn wasn’t bad for his first time. He was AMAZING. He was pushing in slow but eventually picked up the pace. He started pounding into you hitting your G-spot every single time. Your hold was on the back of his neck and you pulled him in too kiss you every once in a while. You felt a knot tie in your stomach, knowing your about to release. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” You yelled out. As you said that you felt his member twitch inside of you and you both released at the same time letting your juices mix which felt amazing. He fell down to the side of you and you were both exhausted and breathing really rapidly and hard. You turned over and laid your head on his chest and you could feel his sweat. “Let me just say, you were really good for your first time. Also, lets get started on that project.” You sat up and winked at him.


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