After Birth Sex

You had just put your 2 month old baby girl Darcy to bed. You were laying on your bed, waiting for Harry to get home. He just came off 2 month tour after darcy was born. Shitty management wouldn’t even let him stay for baby some of baby’s firsts. So you were excited. You also were very horny. You haven’t had sex with him in 11 months and you really needed him but you were very insecure thinking he wouldn’t like it. You didn’t have your pre-pregnancy body back yet. But you needed him. “Knock Knock, is our new princess sleep?” he cracked the door. You nodded. He came in silently closing the door. “I need to shower” he said. “So do I and like now.” you said. “Damn it we only have 1 shower.” he said. Yes Harry was a millionaire now but no. he couldn’t get a house with more than 1 shower. Oh well. Better for sex. “Baby, please I forgot until you said something.” you begged. “Fine. back to back though” he said. Did he not want to see your body after a baby? You were a bit hurt but you kept going. You guys grabbed your clothes and went to the bathroom. You guys started the shower and stepped in. As harry turned his back you turned him back and kissed him passionately. “Harry I don’t care that we just had a baby, I need you. I need you bad. Please, take me.” you begged “Well you have been a very good girl but as long as you call me daddy. Not Harry or Harold or Hazza/Haz. Got it bitch?” he said. “Hold I just gad your baby and you are calling me bitch? Daddy, I no like that!” you say in a baby voice. “Im sorry baby but are you ready to follow Daddy’s commands?” he said so seductively and apologetic. “Yes daddy” you say. “First suck me off.” He said. You went straight to work. Taking him all in making you gag. “Fuck Y/n,” he says grabbing your hair. You felt him twitch as you stop “Daddy, can you cum inside me and make me cum?” you asked. “Sure baby girl. I have to reward you for your blowjob” he said. He lays you down in the shower getting on top of you. He fingers you first. “Daddy! Fuck!” you yell. Then he eats you out making you break the rules. “HARREH!!” he stops your reward. “What did you call me??” he said. “Shit! I mean daddy!” you try to cover up. “too late. be back” he got out and came back with a belt. he turned of the water and took you out and took you downstairs to the living room. “Bend over the couch!” he says. You bend over waving your ass in the air. “Every slap, you count. Got it!” he said. “Yes Daddy” you say. 




*a lot of slaps later*


"oh baby look your ass is all red. well for being a responsible girl I can continue with your reward." he said. he thrusted into you hard. "fuck daddy!" you started to cry but he didn’t see you because you guys are doggy style. He did notice tears on the couch. He stopped as he realized he hurt you. "Baby are you ok?" he asked worried. "I’m not going to do It if it is going to hurt you." you stopped crying. "Keep going." you said. He slowly went in and out this time. "Faster, harder Daddy" you said breathlessly. "Y/N I feel you ready. Honestly I cant go more." he said. He knew your body more than you did. "Yeah Daddy. Count of 3?" you said. "1" he said.


"3!!!" you both said. you came together and fell on the couch. "I love you Harry. Did you like it?" you asked. "Of course. A baby may change our lives but not how I view my sweetheart." he said. "come on lets sleep" it was a good day.


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