Innuendo Bingo

For those of you who don’t know what Innuendo Bingo is, watch the funniest one here:

and here’s Zayn playing it

“It’s tuesday… it’s 1:45…. this is Innuendo Bingo…” the announcement jingle played and I sat down on the tiny stool opposite one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen in my entire life: Zayn Malik.

“Hey everyone, we’re all set for Innuendo Bingo with the fabulous Zayn from One Direction!” Scott said and we clapped for him. “Zayn’s gonna be playing with Y/N, you all know her, she’s the producer I drive crazy from time to time,” Scott joked and I made a serious face at him.

“Go watch this on our website, the stream is now live,” he then said and explained the rules. I focussed on my partner and found him staring at me, grinning slightly. I raised my eyebrows and grinned back. I could not wait to spit water all over him. Scott set up the first one and we each took huge gulps of water, staring each other down daringly.

“But you know, at least we managed to keep the finger in the dyke,” the first spot started and I snorted out, spraying a fountain all over the gorgeous boy. Who, return, spit on me, quite obviously aiming for my cleavage. Damn that low-cut, white top I was wearing today. But Scott convinced me to do this in the last second, so I did not know I was gonna get all wet.

Scott laughed his ass off and Zayn just smirked at me, and during the next few bits, which were all amazing, more and more water drenched my shirt. It was getting slightly see-through.

“I would just like to say that I picked out this shirt not knowing that I was gonna be on this today,” I said halfway in, when Zayn had trouble keeping his eyes above my neck. Scott just teased the shit out of me and we continued on.

Zayn literally spit all his water on me every time the punchline hit, and I had trouble doing the same to him, being showered every time.

“I’m gonna kill you after this, I hope you know that,” I growled dangerously, whereas he just chuckled.

“Three more to go. Zayn, I think your aim is quite good,” Scott announced and they both laughed loudly. Fuck these men and their boob fixation. I tried to adjust my top, but it was no use. My bra was clearly visible now and I was starting to get really cold.

“Geraldini has it up the rear,” the next bit played and water literally came out of my nose, it was that funny. I got a could splash in return and shook my head, trying to wipe the water from my face. He was now aiming higher. I looked at him with his cheeky grin and my sight fell upon his crotch. There was something there and now it was my turn to grin mischievously. He noticed my look and raised up an eyebrow, as if he were inviting me to do something. I squeezed my breasts as an answer, ‘drying them’. He literally gulped.

“Oh, Y/N is getting all hot and heavy over there,” Scott noticed our little exchange.

“Shut it, Scott, I’m just trying to get the water out of my clothes,” I said and we continued on.

“What are you doing? Stop touching it, it’s all growing,” the next bit played and this time, I aimed for Zayn’s crotch, hitting it perfectly. We both stood up, wiping it off, and he was cursing slightly.

“Now, Y/N’s the one with the good aim,” Scott teased us and I just grinned mischievously. We did the last bit and then it was over. Zayn and I were both soaking wet. We embraced happily and I could feel his body hot on mine. But it was over way to soon. After, I excused myself to get changed. Luckily, I had a second pair of clothing in my locker. I fetched it and went into the bathroom.

I laid it down at the windowsill and took off my shirt. The door opened, but I did not pay any attention, after all, I was in the ladies’, and they were used to boobs. It was only when I heard the lock click that I looked over and gasped in surprise. Zayn was standing there, looking at me with an intense stare.

“Uhm… this is the ladies” I said while he walked over to me. Slowly, dangerously.

“I know. But I thought now that I got you all wet, I might as well finish the job,” he said with a dark and low voice and I had to gulp. He was moving in, and I was moving back until I was flat against the wall. He put his hands on either side of my face and looked me up and down.

“I have a boyfriend,” I said, trying to make him loose interest.

“And I have a girlfriend. But I want you. I want to feel this…” he said slowly while his hands started massaging my boobs over the fabric of my bra. I gasped for air and tensed, but damn it, it felt good.

His hand unclasped my bra and it fell to the floor, leaving me topless in front of a horny Zayn Malik. He smiled at me before bending his head, taking one of my nipples into his mouth. I moaned slightly when he sucked at it, teasing it with his teeth. He moved to the other one and then started kissing up and down my neck, massaging my breasts.

“Fuck, goddamn,” I said painfully while his teeth found my soft spot and I got more aroused by the second.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Y/N? Do you?” he asked slowly, still working my soft spot.

“Yes… please,” I let out, almost a whisper and his hands found my zipper, ridding me off my pants. I took off his shirt in return and started working his pants. I pushed them down along with the boxers and a gorgeous dick greeted me. I was kneeling in front of him and could not help but put it into my mouth, sucking on it softly.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck hard,” he instructed and I started pumping him in and out of my mouth. I could feel him tense up more and more, but I stopped before he was about to orgasm. I was wet as hell, and I wanted him in me. My morals had gone straight out the window, all I knew was that I wanted this man.

“Fuck me, Zayn,” I commanded in a sure voice and he hooked his fingers into my panties, ripping them apart in a swift motion. I grinned at him. He was quite to my liking. Spreading my legs apart, he entered, pinning me against the wall and I enjoyed the feel of his cock inside me.

“Does that feel good?” he asked, starting to move faster.

“Hell, yeah,” I gasped and he thrust harder. We were fucking like bloody rabbits, letting out grunting and moaning sounds. He was working me up, and I was slowly building my orgasm. He was closer, though, and before he was about to come, he started working my clit with his finger and I immediately fell apart under his touch, him coming at the same time.

We rode out our orgasms a bit before he pulled out and wiped himself clean. I did the same and we put on our clothes in silence.

“I liked that,” he said, breaking the silence. I smiled at him while buttoning up my blouse.

“Me, too,” I said in return. He stepped closer and took my face in between his hands, wiping away some strands of my hair.

“We’re having an interview with Nick next week. Will I get to see you again?” he asked, caressing my cheeks with his fingers. I was lost in his hazel eyes, absolutely mesmerized by the depths they seemed to have.

“I’ll be there,” I whispered and he smiled, giving me one last peck before heading towards the door. He unlocked it and was about to step out when I called after him.

“And Zayn?” I said and he stopped, turning around. I grinned cheekily before answering.

“Next time, you’ll have to get me wet without all the water,” I said and he chuckled.

“Trust me, babe, I will.”