Boarding School


So we don’t have ‘frat boys’ in England, so I decided to write the British version. This is Rugby boy Niall, in English boarding school…. Hope you enjoy! – Cati





         I was in my dorm room getting ready for yoga. I’d just started Lower 6th, so it was my first year having my own room. It was smallish, I had a single bed, desk etc. and all the walls were exposed dark red brick. The ceiling was arched with wooden beams, and the fittings were as old as the building was. I was right at the top of William’s House, and my dorm overlooked the extensive grounds of my boarding school. I could see all the boys walking across the rugby pitch, heading for the changing rooms to get ready. Girls were gathering on separate courts for netball and hockey. I’d decided to go for yoga this term. It was only recently introduced to the sports sector - for 6th formers only, and much to the dismay of the parents - but I really couldn’t be bothered to be outside, in the freezing English winter in a tiny netball skirt, for yet another year.

As pulled on my skintight yoga leggings and a sports bra, my phone vibrated on my bedside table. It was Niall.


I’m skipping rugby practice, let me come to your room? x


I smiled. Niall and I were in the same social group, and although weren’t officially going out, everyone knew we were practically an item. We’d always end up getting together at parties and on the fields after prep. I was waiting a while before we made I agreed to make official, enjoying him gagging for my affection, and not wanting to rush things, even though he acted like I was his girlfriend most of the time. We were both full time boarders; he was on the rugby 1st team, and was in Durnford House, and I was in Williams House. We would often creep out of our dorm rooms after dark, and meet up on the fields or by the tennis courts.

So far, although we had come close, we hadn’t slept together, but I could tell it would soon happen.

         I really wanted to skip yoga, but they always took register, and I knew I would end up in Thursday detention yet again if I skipped… was it worth it?


         ‘Ok.. come up here at about 5? x’ I replied.


         It was 4:40, so I quickly began putting dirty clothes into the laundry basket, and picking text books up off the floor. I was bent down in front of my desk, picking up a chunky chemistry book when I heard my door open. I knew he wouldn’t wait.


         “Ass in the air.” Niall sniggered as he gestured his head towards me, shutting the door behind him.

         “Shhh… Mrs. Parrish is still in her office!" I whispered, quickly grabbing a school hoodie from my chair and pulling it briskly over my head. Our House Mistress, Mrs. Parrish, was incredibly strict. Boys were NEVER, EVER allowed into the girls’ houses, especially not in their dorm rooms, and vice verse. Everything was kept very separate. We had separate uniforms, separate sports, separate common rooms, the list goes on.


Don’t start putting things on" Niall leered towards me, meeting me in front of my desk, grabbing the hem of the grey hoodie and playfully tugging it upwards. I pushed my hands flat on his rugby shirt, just above his stomach, and looked directly up at him. We both stayed silent for a second, looking cheekily into each other’s eyes, knowing where this was all going.

He smelt clean; subtly of aftershave or some sort of men’s shower gel, I couldn’t tell which.

         “All out girls! Games begin in 10minutes!!" I heard Mrs. Parrish screech from her office down the hall. I jumped slightly and my vision darted toward the door. Niall being in here was very dangerous, and if we got caught, we would both be immediately suspended. I lurched from his grip around my waist and went straight to the door. As quietly as I could, I turned the metal key, and locked the door. Hearing the lock click into place, I softly padded across the dark wood floor, back over to Niall, who had just pulled closed the thick curtain on the window. The room was dull. Light enough to see, but dark enough to create a sneaky, sultry atmosphere.

         Standing on my tiptoes, I wrapped my arms round Niall’s neck and placed a light kiss on his chin.

         “So Y/N, I wa…" Just as Niall began to speak, I cut him off, my index finger pressing against his pink lips.

         “No, no. We have to be really, really, quiet. As in… no talking… Ok?" I smiled and whispered seductively. Niall raised an eyebrow, knowing where I was taking this, and leant down towards my ear.

         “Ok. I can be quiet Y/N. I’m sure we can do something.. that.. involves no talking?”. His face was close to mine, and I could feel his warm breath creep down my neck. His words made me shudder with anticipation, and I felt goosebumps on my forearms. 

         “You’re so cheesy" I mouthed, shaking my head disapprovingly, trying not to let on how his words affected me.


I began to feel slightly hot - Niall’s body towering over my small frame, his masculinity completely overpowering me. His arms looked huge in his rugby shirt, and his blonde brown hair was long and scruffy. I wanted power over him, so he wouldn’t know the extent of the power he had over me. We were both confident and cocky with each other, but I usually won these playful, lusting battles.

I looked up at him, I starred into his crystal blue eyes, and he into my Y/E/C ones. His mouth cocked and hinted a smile. It was his cheekiness that got me so bad, what made me want him so much. He always played the brash ‘lad’, but was never afraid to show his softer side, especially around me.

I bit my bottom lip and grinned.

         “Catch!" I said softly, as I jumped into him, my arms wrapping around his neck. His hands reacted quickly, grabbing onto my thighs. Niall stepped forward and placed me, sitting on my thick wooden desk, his hands moving up towards my waist. His crotch was pushed directly into my core, and I could distantly feel myself getting wet. Curving my hands around his hips, to the dimples in his back, and under his thick cotton tshirt, his skin was toned and warm. He leant down, kissing below my ear, and down my neck, as I rested my forehead on his shoulder, allowing him access and enjoying his touch. His mouth was hot, and he left wet trails across my skin. I could sense him getting eager, sucking harder on my collarbone, and fighting to pull up my hoodie. In sync, we pushed one another’s shirts upwards, and pulled them up over our heads. I felt my breath drop as I looked down at Niall’s torso. He was effortlessly defined. Toned in all the right places, and not over the top. His skin was usually pale, but he still had a slight blush of tan from summer, and tan lines just above his boxer shorts, which were creeping out from his school tracksuit bottoms. I felt myself staring a little too much, so I lent forward and planted two soft kisses on each of his collar bones, as I willingly ran my hands down his stomach. Niall began sucking vaguely harder on my neck, and realising he would probably leave a mark, I quickly slapped his right arm.

         “Don’t! If someone sees it, I’ll.." His index finger stopped me this time.

         “Y/N.. Seriously. No talking." he mocked. I rolled my eyes as he returned his mouth to my neck, and then traveled upwards and locked his lips onto mine. He held his hand on my chin, pulling my face gentle into his, flexing his wet tongue across mine. I lifted my arms and once again, wrapping them around his neck. We continued to kiss softly and hungrily, smiling into each other. Tongues lightly playing with one another, his teeth teasingly pulling on my bottom lip, and letting it snap back. I slowly licked his lips upwards, from bottom to top, and I could feel his bulge pushing in-between my legs. I grinned, and Niall sharply yanked on my thighs, pulling my crotch into his. As I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, he walked us towards my bed.

         He carefully placed me down so I was lying on my back, and he kicked off his trainers. Typical of British winter, it had rapidly gotten darker outside, so I leant down the side of my bed and switched on my fairy lights. Their glow was subtle and perfect.

         Niall leant down and perched himself either side of my open legs. I could feel his cock was extremely hard now. He smiled, as if he could read my mind, and pushed himself harder against my clit. My breath hitched and I bit my bottom lip. He hinted a smile, knowing exactly what he was doing. My fingertips traced down his arms, and danced around his bare waist briefly, before hooking into his boxers. I pushed them suggestively downwards, so I could see the tip of his shaft poke out the top. He looked down at his dick, and cockily back up to me. He knew I wanted him as much as he wanted me. The courting had gone on for nearly 4months now, and I felt I had denied him sex for long enough.

         “You’re so gorgeous Y/N.” he mumbled into my neck., greedily biting at my skin. “I want you. So, so badly” I closed my eyes at his words, feeling myself become hungry for him.


         Returning to my chest, Niall teasingly kissed down my centre, and began pushing my sports bra up with his thumbs. My breasts popped out, and he immediately started sucking on my left nipple. I clenched my jaw, loving the attention. His teeth very softly pinching on the tip of my nipple, my jaw dropped as he looked up through his eyelashes, reveling in my cautious moans. Niall pulled the bra over my head, tossed it to the side, and moved onto my other nipple, giving it similar treatment. I was getting impatient. I knew he’d drag it out, teasing me, and making the moment last, but I could feel how wet I was.

         I closed my eyes, releasing a deep sigh and let my head relax into the pillow. Just enjoy this Y/N, I told myself, feeling ever so slightly nervous.

         Leaving my breasts, Niall followed suit down my stomach and began edging my leggings and knickers down. I lifted my bum so he could slip them from under me.

         Niall now kneeling upright, my legs extended upwards in the air, he began peeling them from my smooth legs, running his hands from the back of my thighs up to my ankles, kissing them all the way. My legs were short, so my ankles comfortably rested on each of his bare shoulders, either side of his neck. He took a moment to take me in, looking tentatively over my naked body. I moved my left leg down to his side and began slowly sucking the tip of one of my fingers. He intently watched me, kissing down my right ankle and calf, hand still rubbing the outside of my thigh. With my one leg still up on his shoulder, and the other resting open on the bed next to Niall’s knee, I placed my wet finger on my clit, and softly brushed it, caressing my finger up and down my slit. Niall’s gaze widened, eyes dropping from my face and fixating admiringly on my core.

         “Uughh.. fuck" he quietly stammered, his palm on my shin which was still stretched upright against his chest. Using his free hand, he took over from mine. He glided his two middle fingers up and down my dripping slit, his fingertips brushing my folds. His eyes slowly closed and I heard him breath out heavily, as he dipped his middle finger into me and curled it upwards, lightly rubbing my insides. A high pitched whimper escaped my mouth, and Niall’s eye sharply opened to look down at me, clearly enjoying watching me squirm under his touch. He began curving his finger a little more harshly, and moved his thumb to run circles around my clit. I felt a familiarly heat growing in my crotch, my torso lightly rising up and down as my breathing became heavier. I edged up onto my elbows, clutching his wrist, and moving his hand away from my core. Taking my leg off his chest, Niall looked a little surprised, until I sat up straight, legs bent either side of his, his crotch level with my face. He looked down at me, brushing his hand across my face and gently through my hair. I clawed my delicate fingers into his tracksuit bottoms and eased them down his thighs. His cock was straining against white boxers, and I could already see a little pre cum had wetted his tip. I looked up at him, keeping eye contact as my tongue cleaned him up. Seeing his jaw clench, Niall was looking impatient.

         Hooking my fingers into his waistband, I dragged his boxers down and watched as his thick cock spring up and hit his bellybutton. My hands softly traveled up his toned thighs, and my thumbs traced his v-lines. Keeping eye contact, I grabbed onto him and subtly smiled as I swirled my tongue around his tip. I gathered spit into my mouth and let it slowly pour out onto his cock, then sucking it off as I wrapped my wet lips firmly around him. Profanities left his lips and he cupped the back of my neck and edged my slightly further down his member. I bobbed my head softly, not taking too much of him in. Sucking hard, I pulled him out of my mouth, and then licked the underside of his dick from base to tip. Pumping him steadily, I licked the palm of my other hand, making it as wet as I could, and began softly massaging his balls. I returned to sucking his tip, and dipped my head downwards, taking him entirly into my mouth.

         “Uughh" a throaty moan sounded throughout the room as Niall’s head fell backwards. I quickly pulled away, not wanting him to come, and regained my position lying down on the bed.

         “Fuck, I was enjoying that" Niall cheekily hushed, as he lower back down on top of me. I felt his weight heavy against me, bare, chest to chest, my nipples still hard. His wet dick was pressed against my pussy, and he lent in, more passionately kissing me. He ground against me as we jointly moaned into the kiss, my palms resting on his shoulders. He parted our torsos to line his solid length with my entrance. Watching himself, his shaft held in his fingertips, he rubbed his tip in circles around my clit, and painfully slowly up and down my wet slit.

         “Hhhmmm Niall..” I groaned at the feeling, desperately wanting more. Just before he pushed in, his gaze met mine, and he raised both eyebrows, looking at me for permission. I smiled and loosely nodded, grabbing his bum and encouraging him to push into me.

         “Shhhhit.” I cursed as he gradually slid into me, stretching me, filling me, my eyes ever so slightly watering. He was big, and I hadn’t slept with anyone in well over a year.

         “Are you ok baby?" he questioned as he slightly pulled himself out, stopping still and waiting as his dick rested half way inside me. I looked up at him, and nodded again. He leant down, kissing my forehead, my nose, my lips, and returned, pushing himself fully inside me. He began slowly thrusting. We softly kissed in time with his movements, and I held tightly onto his big arms. He slowed slightly, allowing for harder, much deeper thrusts, his big hands clutching my thighs as he pushed down inside me. His eyes were fixed with mine, our hot naked bodies fitting into each other’s so perfectly. I knew my first time with him would be incredible. Niall began kissing my jaw and sucking on my neck. My mouth dropped open, eyes rolling into the back of my head and nails digging into his biceps as I moaned.

         “Harder…" I whispered in his ear, as I hooked one arm around his neck. He grinned, grabbing harshly onto my thighs and pounding faster and deeper inside me.

         “Y/N…" his breathing became slightly heavier as he watched me underneath him. I was biting onto my bottom lip, my boobs bouncing with his thrusts. My hipbones pushing into him, and my back beginning to arch, I could feel myself starting to tighten around him. I held firmly onto him, steadying myself as I dug my fingernails harder into his arms.

         “Fuck.. Niall… I’m gonna come.." I warned as my eyes rolled and my back arch further. Niall smiled, eagerly watching me, desperately waiting to see me come.

         “You’re fucking beautiful” he panted as he gave his final deep trusts inside me. My eyes fluttered, lungs deeply filling with air. I began to see white, and felt an intense tingling throughout my body. As I let myself go, my walls gripped around his dick.

         “Y/N.. Shit.. Ughhh.." Niall groaned from the back of his throat as he came inside me. His head dropped, and he rested his forehead on mine. We were both breathing heavily, our eyes closed as we came down together. I wrapped my arms around him and held him close to me. Niall lifted his forehead from mine, and I opened my eyes, sweetly looking up at him. Both of our bodies were clammy, and I kept my legs wrapped around him, not wanting him to pull out just yet. He smiled and playfully kissed my forehead, my nose, my cheeks and chin, and finally my lips. A huge smile played on his lips as he announced "So you’re definitely my girlfriend now.”

The End


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