Elevator Sex

REQUEST: you don’t post enough slash (especially Nouis), so can someone do a longer oneshot of Nouis stuck in an elevator and they have sex and then the other boys find the videotape from the elevator


I don’t like being on tour very much, mostly because it means I have to move my massive wardrobe to a new city every day, and I have to sleep in a new hotel all the time. It’s quite exhausting. Thankfully, this was a day off, and I had spent it shopping and working out a little. Strangely enough, Niall accompanied me shopping and to the gym, which is rather odd because he has no particular interest in fashion (which is a little more than obvious). But I had no complaints because – I’ll be honest – I’ve always really liked him. All the fans think I want to get with Harry, but that’s rubbish, it’s Niall I want. From his accent to his hair to his voice to his body to his personality, he turns me on and makes me crazy in a way I’ve never known. None of the boys know I’m gay (though I’m sure they have their hunches), and I intended to keep it that way. And I have the little problem of Eleanor. But it still killed me that Niall was so tantalizingly close. All day, I was in and out of dressing rooms half-dressed to see if he was interested, but it seemed like I got no response. I thought I had seen a small erection, but I couldn’t quite tell. I was even worse at the gym, I went shirtless and made sure to flex a lot around him. I gave myself a massage in front of him, and made sure to moan a lot, but I think he looked concerned rather than turned on. I even went commando! It didn’t help me at all when he took his shirt off and worked out right next to me. Ugh – talk about torture. I looked over at him as we waited for the hotel elevator, and he had a look on his face that just killed me – in a good way. I got so intrigued that I zoned out and had to be shaken by Niall when the elevator came to bring me back to my sad reality, in which he wasn’t mine.


Tours are fantastic because I get to go new places and do new things all the time. Louis isn’t quite as keen on touring however, so he was naturally relieved when we had a couple days off. When he goes shopping, he usually has Eleanor, but he didn’t today. I knew he would go shopping on his day off because of course he needs to add more to his wardrobe, so I offered to go with him. In all honesty, I offered to go because I have a huge crush on him. A huge one. From the beginning, I’ve wanted him so badly, and it killed me when he got with Eleanor – that bitch. So now I’m just tortured in the dressing room when I see his fantastic body, which I think Zayn caught me ogling once, because he once asked me if I was gay. No one really knows I’m gay, but I didn’t know if I cared to keep it that way. I’ve been thinking about coming out a lot recently, but I’m not sure about it. Today was torture shopping with him, not just on my patience but also on my body. Luckily the piles of clothes he would put in my arms managed to cover up the recurring erection I had all day, especially when he would come in and out of dressing rooms without his shirt or even a couple times in nothing but his underwear – it was sexually frustrating. The gym was agonizing. He was shirtless and his beautiful muscles flexed and contracted so sexily. At one point he gave himself a massage! And his shorts were so tantalizingly short. When he sat down and opened his legs, I saw the goodies underneath – thank the lord he went commando. I practically moaned orgasmically and scurried to the bathroom for a wank. Now we were in front of the elevator. When it came, Louis was in a daze: probably thinking about that new pair of jeans he bought or about the Skype call he was gonna have with Eleanor tonight. I had to shake him to get him out of it. Now we’re in the elevator, and it’s a little quiet.

“So Niall, did you enjoy yourself?” Louis started, then the elevator shut off and the lights went out. The emergency lights came on to reveal a terrified Louis.


I hate elevators as much as it is. It doesn’t help when they shut off out of nowhere. Then, I did the most unsexy thing one could imagine doing in front of the one they love: I let out a bloodcurdling scream. Niall put his hand over my mouth and cradled me in an effort to comfort me: it only got me more excited – especially down there. I rushed to the emergency phone and called the lobby, who told me that it would be at least 30 minutes before they could get it fixed. Oh dear lord no.


30 MINUTES?! How am I gonna last that long? Louis’s fear is kind of adorable, and strangely making me horny. He’s upset so I hug him in an effort to make it better. His warm breath against my neck sends me into a sexually tantalizing state. I was so horny. So horny I forgot how easily erections show in my shorts – and Louis noticed.

“Whoa Niall…” Louis said, backing off. “You’ve gotten a little – worked up.” Oh no, I’ve turned him away, he’s gonna hate me.


THERE IT IS! HIS ERECTION! Somehow I knew I needed to get those pants off him. My instincts kicked in from there. Suddenly in a sexually crazed state, I grabbed his face and shoved my tongue in his mouth.


OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, IT’S HAPPENING! I quickly fought his tongue back with mine, and licked his mouth like a lollipop. It tasted sweet and so – Louis-ish.


Niall ripped Louis’s shirt off, popping all the buttons off it. Louis pulled Niall’s face away to get his shirt away, and he went down to his waist, where he pulled off his trousers and pants in one sweeping motion – it’s so beautiful, Louis thought. Suddenly, Niall grabbed Louis and brought him back, only to go down himself and pull off his trousers – which were the only thing there thanks to the commando thing. Niall came back up to Louis’s neck and kissed it passionately and wholeheartedly. He used his tongue to create a trail from Louis’s neck to nipple, down his stomach, his waist, around his pubic area, across his sac, up the shaft, and finally he engulfed the head of his penis with his mouth. Louis’s moans filled the entire elevator with an erotic aura, a soundtrack to sex. Niall took Louis’s dick deeper and deeper into his throat, until his nose was buried in pubic hair and his jaw jammed into the base. Louis groaned and screamed “OH FUCK NIALL”, and Niall’s mouth and throat filled with Louis’s warm cum, which he swallowed in its whole. Niall laid down on the floor of the elevator and Louis put his balls in his mouth, and licked the shaft up and down. Louis teased Niall greatly, and finally deepthroated until he was gagging. The vibrations of Louis’s throat made Niall finish even easier: “LOUIS OH SHIT”, but just before he came, Louis took the penis out with a pop, and jerked it until Niall came all over his face. Niall straddled Louis and licked his face clean. “Your own cum, Niall? You’re freaky. But I guess you wank enough that you’re used to it.” Louis said. Niall laid back against the wall and moaned: “That was so fucking great.” Then Louis after a few moments of silence said “Top me.” Niall looked shocked, but immediately got excited. Then he said “We don’t have any lube or condoms, Lou.” Louis shrugged and said “Who needs ‘em?”. Louis put his fingers in his mouth to prepare lube for Niall to enter with, but Niall stopped him and said “Let me do it”. Niall moved his face to Louis’s opening, then started licking the runway right under the balls and above the ass. He moved down with every lick until he was licking Louis’s opening, which made Louis so ecstatic. It seemed to continue for a long time, then Niall lifted away and said “Ready, mate?”. He waited a few seconds, then entered with full force, no easing in. Louis shouted “FUCK” over and over again as he got used to the abrupt entry. Niall went hard and fast, each time getting a huge scream from Louis. It seemed to go for hours and hours, but the climax was well worth it. Niall started seeing stars and his vision distorted with pleasure as he came inside Louis. The feeling of Niall spurting inside him, the force of his cock against his G-spot, and Niall rubbing his cock sent him into the same climactic episode as he came all over his chest, even getting some on his face and in his mouth. Niall went down and licked all the cum up – he seems to like come, doesn’t he, thought Louis. Then they just laid there and cuddled in the nude in that elevator, forgetting that their 30 minutes was almost up. The cuddling lasted what seemed like hours and hours and hours, but then, the power came back on, and there was a ding from the elevator. They scrambled to get dressed again, and even put some clothes on backward. They got off on their floor and resumed making out and whatnot in Niall’s bedroom.


Harry, Liam, and Zayn broke into Niall’s room to find them both passed out in the same bed naked. They yelled “WAKE UP SWEETHEARTS”. Niall and Louis woke and panicked: “Uh, it’s not, uh, what it looks like!” Then Liam said “Yeah, it’s exactly what it looks like.” Then he took a blank-looking DVD from a case and popped it into the TV. There, in front of their eyes was the sex tape. The three made them watch it with their commentary. “Wow Niall, never knew you were so freaky”. “Louis, your legs spread wide”. The comments continued until the tape finished. Niall and Louis were red-faced and stunned. “WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT?” shouted Louis. “We went down to the security office after you told us you were stuck in the elevator. We hoped we would get a good tape of Louis panicking, but we got something even better. Zayn told us that he saw Niall ogling Louis in the dressing room a couple weeks ago, and now it all makes sense. Good for you!”, said Harry. They all had a heart-to-heart (Niall and Louis still naked at this point), and discussed their friendships, and how they all knew that Louis and Niall liked each other. The three other boys let them be after a while. Louis and Niall went to get the tape and destroy it, only to discover it was gone. They never did learn what happened to the tape. Zayn, who also was gay, and liked Harry very much, had taken it and later wanked to it. Then Louis and Niall lived happily ever after.

- anonymous