The Jock And The Nerd


Request: Could someone do a nerdy Ziall where Zayn is the nerd and Niall is the jock who is secretly in love with Zayn

-Told in Zayns p.o.v- 

I was sitting in class and I was staring at the school jock, or jerk, Niall. He was hot as hell, I shook my head, pushing away my gay thoughts. No one really knew I was gay, not even my mum. I looked at the teacher “And the last pair of partners are Zayn and niall” My head shot up and looked at the teacher “What! No.. No I cant be paired with him! Hes-” I got cut off by my friend Harry who put his hand over my mouth. The teacher rolled his eyes and walked to his desk. Harry walked over to his partner and I saw Niall walk over to me. “So what are we doing this on, nerd?” Niall asked. “U-Um.. I-I d-don’t know..” I said quietly. “How about you come over to my place and we’ll figure something out?” Niall said a smirk placed upon his perfect lips, they were pink and plump and I just wanted them to be all over me. Stop it zayn! I told myself. I looked down at my growing erection and I turned so I was facing front. “Well, I’ll take that as a yes, um, do you have a car? Do you want me to drive you…” Niall trailed off. I didn’t know what to say my voice was lost. I finally got to speak up “U-Um, C-can you d-drive me. M-My car i-is a-at home” I said, looking down. “sure meet me at my car as soon as the bell rings.” 

-after school- 

It seemed as though the end of the day came by to slowly. I walked to the parking lot to see if I could find Niall. I saw him waiting by his car. I walked to him and he smiles “Hurry and get in nerd. I cant have people thinking that I am actully driving you” Niall said motioning me to get in. I got in the blue car, It was leather and awesome. I sat in the car and looked outside, Niall started the car and drove off to his house. I watched outside, watching trees go by, or the color of the houses. Niall pulls up finally and I felt myself getting a bit harder, my stomach turned and I was scared. “d-do you l-live a-alone?” I asked him getting out. “Yep. This place is all mine!” Niall smirks and gets out walking to the front door. He unlocked the door and led me to his room. 

After about 5 minutes of getting set up, I sat on his bed and got my books out and pushed my glasses closer to my face, my face was sweating so my glasses kept slipping. I looked up at Niall and he was changing shirts, I felt myself getting harder every second. I whimpered a bit to loud and looked down quickly hiding my erection with the book. “What was that..?” Niall asked smirking. I looked at him “N-Nothing..” I said gulping. He crawled to me and straddled his legs around my waist, pushing the book away. “you know, zayn, your really cute!” Niall smirked and put his forehead to mine. I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks. “And I’ve liked you for a while know, I didnt know how to tell you, or what to tell you, but ever since the first day of class I’ve been distracted by you.” Niall smirked. I felt my erection grow, my pants to tight and I groaned. Nialls lips crashed onto mine and his hand slid up my shirt. I shivered against his touch and kissed back, he pulled away and took off my shirt and then his. I ran my hand down his abs. His eyes closed and I rubbed my hand over his crotch, palming him. “Shit Zayn” Niall moaned. I smirked and felt a bit of confidence rush through me, I pushed Niall down and kissed him roughly. I pulled off his pants along with his boxers and let his erection hit against his chest. I rubbed my hand down his cock and licked this tip “Dont tease me Zayn!” Niall growled. I stuck him in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down, hollowing my cheeks and sucking hard, he moaned loudly “FUCK ZAYN!” he gripped my hair and thrusted his hips and made me gag. I felt his dick twitch and I pulled away. He whined “What the hell?” he asked. I smirked. He pushed me back and slid off my pants and boxers. “Fine than lets see how you like it!” Niall challenged. He softly licked my throbbing dick and slowly rubbed my shaft up and down. He played a bit with my balls and put me halfway in his mouth. He sucked hard and sucked up and down. I watched him the entire time, his blue beautiful eyes glued to my brown ones. I felt my dick twitch and felt me close to my edge “NIALL!” I yelled and he pulled away “Damn it!” I yelled. He go ontop of me and kissed me, he reached over and got some lube and put it on and turned me around and placed himself “ready?” He asked. I nodded. He thrusted into me hard and I groaned “Shit!” I yelled, he was huge. “Damn Zayn, Your fucking tight..” Niall said. He kept thrusting, going a bit slow so I could get use to him. After a while I pushed back getting more of him in. He took this as a sign and went harder. I closed my eyes “FUCK” I yelled and gripped the sheets tightly “Im not gonna last much longer” Niall said, I felt his dick twitch “I-Im gonna-” I got cut off by screaming his name and cumming hard on his sheets. Niall got a couple more thrusts in and shot his load in me, I moaned and he thrusted a bit more to ride out his orgasm. He pulled out and fell beside me pushing me closer to him. “I love you Zayn, I always have” Niall said smiling. “I love you too Ni” I said and kissed his cheek, slowly falling asleep. 

-Dani xx :) 

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