My Little Sex Slave

You awoke with a smile, smelling the bacon scent coming from the kitchen. “There you are baby.” Zayn smiled at you as you ran down the stairs. “Here I am.” You smiled back as her caressed you in his arms. You giggled. “What’s my birthday present?” You squealed. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and handed them to you, walking over to the stove, turning it off causing the popping to stop. “Lets go upstairs, eh?” He smirked and carried you up the stairs, laying you on your bed. “Arms up.” He ordered and you did as he desired. He cuffed you hands to the bed. “This will be the best birthday present anyone has ever given you.” He reassured you, while stripping you down. You groaned against his touch. “Oh baby.” You moaned. He smirked, starting to finger you, he feeling your wetness. “I like it when you grow wet.” He smiled at you, sticking one finger in you slowly pumping. You moaned quietly, gripping the wooden pole you were attached to. He slowly stripped in front of you. “(Y/N) how badly do you want me?” He asked pumping himself. “So badly.” You groaned, body twitching at the sight. He slowly and justifyingly went inside of you. “(Y/N) you’re so tight.” He complained, but you knew it felt good to him. He was making love to you, which he wanted to do the whole five years you’d been together. As he slowly thrusted you began to feel an orgasm coming on. “Z-Zayn!” You yelled. He smirked that sexy smirk and pulled out, just in time for your orgasm to hit. He grinned , unlocking you and slipping his clothes back on. ” DO YOU WANT SCRAMBLED OR FRIED EGGS?” He yelled, while running down the stairs.

the end

Hey, Im Julianna. This is my VERY first one shot. I made this from my IPAD so I do NOT have a picture. I don’t have a quotev but I have a wattpad and a tumblr. <3