Learn To Do It To Yourself

"I’m going to miss you, when you leave,” Liam whispered softly in your ear, while his arms snaked around you body, holding you tight.

“I’m gonna miss you too,” you whisper back, giggling a bit at his blunt statement.

“But you know what I’m gonna miss the most?” he said, his hold around you getting tighter: “your hands and mouth, when you decide to give me a blowjob in the morning, or the way your face looks, when I enter you.” You were stunned at his words, Liam liked to talk dirty in bed, you knew that, but he never said dirty things unless you were having sex. You turned around to look him in the eye.

“Wanna learn how to do it?” you asked a grin covering your face: “you wanna learn what I do, to make you feel good? So when you’re alone in the hotel room, you can make your hands feel like mine?”

“Yes, God yes,” he answered, his eyes skimming your body, undressing you with his eyes. You took his hands and took him to your bedroom.

“Sit,” you commanded, pushing him gently on the edge of the bed. You slowly moved your hands up his thighs, making him shiver at your touch. You gave him a quick kiss on the lips, before going behind him, holding onto his shoulders, whispering softly in his ear: “You’re going to do this yourself. I’m only going to tell you what to do, okay?” He didn’t hesitate at all, nodding his head.

“Good. Now, first you stroke your thighs, teasing yourself with your fingertips,” Liam started stroking his thighs, just like you said:” Now, slowly undo your pants, gently touching your member meanwhile,” as he slowly opened his pants, a moan escaped his lips, when his hands slowly touched his hard member.

“Take your pants down, slowly like I always do.”

“Babe, please,” Liam said, wanting nothing more than to touch himself.

“If we’re going to do this, we do it my way,” you said, kissing just below his ear. A groan escaped his lips, as you, once again, told him to palm himself, through his boxers. You took his hand and slowly, with your hand on top of his, put them under his bowers.

“Now, we’re at the good part,” you whisper, a slight whimper leaving your lips, just to show him how turned on you were by this:” It’s important that you do this right, so listen carefully. You only touch your shaft, not the head and start of slowly.” You move your hand, guiding his with yours:” Always start slowly, to tease yourself,” you whisper, as another groan left Liam’s lips. After a minute or two, Liam starts to speak:” My head hurts,” he complained, a groan leaving his lips while saying so.

“Good,” you replied:”Now you’re ready for the next part. Just keep going,” you said while removing your hand.

“Take of your boxers and afterwards grasp your member again,” you say slowly rubbing his back. Quickly he removes his boxers and his member is soon in his hand.

“Go a little faster now, please yourself,” you said while getting up and moving over to your dresser. You looked for a while, but finally found, what you were looking for. Liam’s groans had filled the room, as his hand got up and down in a fast pace, tightly holding his schaft.

“Twist your hand a bit babe,” you say, going back to your former position. More moans escaped his lips, as he started twisting his hand too. His head was swollen and red, from the lack of attention.

“Slow down a bit and every time you reach the place where your shaft and head meets, glide your thumb over the head,” you said, kissing his neck. A loud moan interrupted from his lips, as his head finally got some attention.

“Liam,” you whispered seductively, to get his attention. All you got was a low humming sound, letting you know he listened:” open your eyes, babe,” you said. He slowly opened his eyes, looking in your hands, where there was a small bottle. His hand slowed down until it finally came to a stop, his member still aching for a release. You squished some lube in his hand and whispered:

“Imagine that this is my mouth, slowly taking you in.” He slowly let his hand run over his schaft. A slow, but long, moan came from the back of his throat.

“Now baby, I want you to fasten your pace and enjoy yourself, okay?” you said while kissing his neck. He started with a fast pace, as soon as the words slipped from your mouth. He groaned and quickened his pace.

“Remember to twist,” you said, still kissing his neck. As he did so, more moans escaped his pink lips. Sweat had formed between his eyebrows and his face was scrunched up in pleasure. He started to moan your name over and over again.

“God, this fee - feels amazing,” he said in-between his heavy breathing.

“When you’re right about to cum, you start playing with your balls, but only when you’re nearly there, okay?” you said, your eyes glued to his hand, that was just a blur now because of the fast pace. A small nod came from him, while his hand kept going fast up and down his member.

“God (Y/N), I’m.. I’m about to cum,” he said, his loud moans started to only be short breaths, as his other hand, found its way to his balls. His face scrunched up in pleasure and a groan-ish voice left his lips, as he came. His pace got slower and slower until it came to a stop, when he was completely empty. He slowly fell back against you, eyes closed and breathing heavily. You looked down at him and a small smile formed on your lips. You bend down and kissed his forehead, making his eyes flutter open. His eyes pierced trough yours, and a smile played on his lips.

“I love you,” he said and gave you a kiss on the lips.

“And I love you,” you replied, letting your fingers slip through his short hair.

“But I really am going to miss you,” he said, sitting up again:”but now I know how to feel like you’re there.” A smirk overtook his lips, as you softly punched his arm, your cheeks reddening. His chuckle made you look up at him and give him a small kiss.

“Shut up. Without me, you would never have felt the way, you did before just by your hands,” you said, making him laugh.

“You’re right, I wouldn’t,” he said and kissed you one last time, before he stood up and got his boxers back on.

“Want to help me make some food, or are you just going to sit there and look pretty all day?” he asked making a giggle escape your lips. You stood up and walked down in the kitchen with Liam, enjoying your time together, before he left for tour.     


Just gonna call myself Your Secret Writer, ‘cus this is my first time submitting! So from now on im going to be Your Secret Writer ;) 

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