Truth Or Dare


I tossed down my fifth can of beer. “If I didn’t know any better,” I struggled a little with my words, “I’d think you were trying to get me drunk, Haz.”

My best friend grinned with dimples extant on the other end of the bed. “If that were the case, (Y/N),” he sculled his own beer, “I wouldn’t be drinking so much myself. I’m far too intoxicated to take advantage of anyone…”

I laughed when he slammed the half-empty can down on the bedside table. He stretched his arms out in front of him until a rounded crack sounded near his shoulder. It was another night, as close to routine as we could get. We’d already watched Ghostbusters – twice, polished off the popcorn and made a serious dent in Harry’s “emergency” alcohol reservations. The Ed Sheeran album we were listening to had played out its final track around seventeen minutes ago, but neither of us had acknowledged the silence.

I knocked my feet playfully against Harry’s a few times. We beamed at each other from opposite ends of the bed. His curls were a little more side bent than usual, hair strands frothing out lightly at their tips. I threw my head back against the wall, and blew a raspberry up into the air. Harry knocked my foot a little harder.

“Did you just motorboat the air, (Y/N)?”

“Maybe… I’m bored.”

“Yeah, me too,” Harry groaned.

I watched him for a second, “what do you wanna do then?”

“I don’t know…”

Smirking, I quipped, “me neither.”

Harry smiled, “how about truth or dare?” He leant forward a little, watching me until I realised he was serious.

“Truth or dare?” I scoffed, “how about no?”

“Aw, come on, why not?”

“Because,” I rolled my eyes, “it’s a stupid game, and there’s only two of us that would play.” I looked around the room then, at every feature and corner. I tried swallowing the alcohol that swam in my head but only managed down the rest left on my tongue.

“It’s not stupid, it’ll be fun,” Harry countered. His eyes widened before mine until I couldn’t resist him, until I gave in groaning.

“All right then,” I moaned, “I… I dare you to run to your mailbox and back naked.”

Harry raised his eyebrows, “if you wanted to look, (Y/N), all you had to do was ask…”

I rolled my eyes, “just do the dare, would you?”

He smirked before he eased his long body off the bed. He shuffled his feet on the carpet, standing up straight, and wobbling a little.

“Unless you’re too drunk,” I laughed at him.

“I’m fine,” he snapped, the emerald of his eyes darker with beer swimming in them. I reeled back in silence to let him undress. He tugged at the hem of his t-shirt until he could ease it over his head. I watched his body, feeling guilty for making him strip on the first dare. I watched his chest, swallowing hard at the sight of his six-pack, shadows playing on his skin from the lamp on the bedside table. The growl of his zipper going down was heard by the alcohol in me. Harry peeked his head up and smirked at me as he eased his skinny jeans down.

“No gaping at how huge I am, (Y/N),” he teased, “I’ve seen it before.” A faint pink blush dove quickly through my cheeks when he dropped his boxers as well.

I’d never seen Harry naked before, unless a quick glimpse of his ass before he slipped into the shower counted for anything. I traced the outline of his dick with my eyes, surprisingly unsurprised at how big he was. Bigger than I would’ve guessed, and I had. “Happy to see me, Haz?” I teased him, his hard dick sprung up to his abdomen.

“What can I say?” He kicked his boxers away and cupped his groin with both hands, big enough to cover everything, “you’re not ugly, (Y/N).”

He slipped past the bedroom door, and flew out of it. I heard him bound down the stairs, laughing before the unmistakable noise of him slamming into a wall at the landing sounded. Racing to the windowsill, I watched Harry sprint outside. The sensor light by the front door flickered as he ran to the mailbox and back out of sight. I heard him up the stairs, and moved quickly to the bed as he re-entered the room. He found his boxers and slipped the on, a little out of breath.

“How’d I look?” He shook his hair before he threw his t-shirt back on. I cleared my throat and made a noise that was somewhere between ‘fine’ and ‘great’. He slunk his way onto the bed, not bothering with the effort of putting his jeans back on. He settled, and reached for the rest of his beer. I watched him closely as he took a swig.

“Looks like it’s my turn, (Y/N),” he smiled when he took the rim of the can from his lips, “so… truth or dare?”

“Truth…” I nodded once.

“Typical,” Harry rolled his eyes, smiling.

“Hey, watch it,” I defended myself, grabbing a pillow from beside me. I aimed badly but it tossed it at him anyway, cringing when it knocked his beer and sloshed a little on the bed.  

“All right, jeez,” he laughed, setting the beer down again, “just let me think for a second…” his eyes roamed over mine, “okay, I’ve got it. Have you ever had a crush on me?”

I was taken aback by the question, because I wasn’t expecting it. I was expecting him to want to know how many guys I’d been with, or what kind of underwear I wore.

“Um,” I struggled for a moment. He shuffled closer to me on the bed, crossing his legs, “yes, Harry, I have,” I answered honestly.

He smirked, “really? When?”

“Nuh uh, you’ve had your question, Haz. It’s my turn again, and since you did dare last time, you’re up to truth.”

“Fine,” he cracked his neck, lolling his head to one side. I shuffled closer as well, until our knees knocked softly. I parted my lips, “have you ever had a crush on me?”

He didn’t hesitate, “yes.”

“That was quick…” I smiled, knotting my brow. Harry shrugged his shoulders and reached for his beer again, taking another sip. “My turn?” He raised an eyebrow when he was done.


“Okay, you’re up to dare…” he drummed his fingers on his thigh, and looked around the room, “I dare you to kiss me,” he spoke slowly.

“Hang on, what?”

“I dare you… to kiss me,” he repeated simply, and I lamely faltered beneath the confidence that lay in his gaze.

“Um, okay,” I swallowed. He leant back and set his beer down again before he faced me. I struggled to figure out where to put my hands, above everything else. After a moment, he rolled his eyes and took them in his own, placing them either side of his warm face. I leant in quickly and pecked his lips once, tugging back and blushing instantly.

“What? No, that was crap, (Y/N). That doesn’t even count as a kiss…” he crowed, “come on, I know you can kiss better than that. I dare you to kiss… me.”

His authority took me by surprise, so I gave in. “Fine,” I snapped.

I leant in more quickly this time, taking his face and lacing his lips with mine. My body rose a little with the touch, my tongue quickly tracing the seam of his lips, asking him politely for entrance. A sharp moan fell out when he parted his lips, my tongue sliding in to the back of his throat. I could taste the beer on him, a sweet tang that mixed with mine. The tips of my fingers tugged a few of his curls before I ran my palms through them, yanking and scrunching them in fists. I rocked my head to one side, pressing my lips tighter to his. I pulled back and leant in again, kissing harder than the first time. I could feel his tongue slide against mine, rough and cool. The kiss lasted a second longer before I pulled away and settled back down on the bed.

“There,” I smacked my lips, “one real kiss. Happy?”

Harry wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, before letting me see the smile that was playing on his lips. “Happy,” he murmured quietly.

“All right, my turn,” I bit my lip, “I dare you to tell me if you liked the kiss or not.”



“Okay, I did…”

“You did what?”

“I liked the kiss…” Harry smiled at me, his lips parting slightly.

“Good then,” I affronted. I didn’t know what I’d been expecting; “I guess it’s your turn then.”

“Okay,” he thought for a moment, “you’re up to truth, right? Just let me think… okay, here’s one for you. What’s your favourite sex position?”

“I…” I could feel a flush grow from my collar to my cheeks, red and flaming, “I don’t, um… I don’t have one, Haz…” I tried shrugging.

Harry narrowed his eyes at me slightly, his head tipping to one side in concern, “you don’t have one because you can’t think of one, or… you don’t have one because… wait, (Y/N), are you a… are you a virgin?”

“Um… kind of,” I answered meekly, “I mean, I did it once with Jack Leese for about ten seconds at that party last Spring, but I don’t think it counts.” I bowed my head, suddenly fascinated by the design of the doona cover on Harry’s bed.

“Hey, what kind of thread count is this?” I asked quickly, desperate to change the subject. I couldn’t face looking up so I ran the side of my face against my shoulder and tugged down my hair to separate the strands into sections.

“I would not have guessed that,” Harry exhaled, “I’m sorry, I didn’t… I didn’t mean to make you tell me. It’s just… I mean, have you done other stuff?”

“You know,” I shrugged nervously, “kissing and stuff… not much else. It’s… it’s okay.” I looked up anxiously and met his gaze, relieved that he was smiling like he understood the world around us, “my turn now?”

“Yep,” he grinned.

“Okay, you’re onto truth now…” I blinked quickly, “do you care that I’m not experienced?”

“What? No,” Harry pressed his palms into my skin until he could curl his hands around my knees and squeeze gently, “(Y/N), why would I ever care about that? You’re so much more than that, babe… so much more.”

“Okay,” I sighed, reaching over him for his beer. I took a long sip and swallowed his answer, “your turn.”

“All right, (Y/N),” he looked after my gaze, “I dare you to let me… let me touch you.”

“What? Where?”

He looked down at my lap, his eyes resting on the hem of my shorts. My lips formed the word ‘oh’ as he shuffled opposite me on the bed, eyes never resting in one place for too long and hands never settling with fingers entwined. I swallowed quickly when he spoke again. “There,” he murmured softly.


“Because…” he looked up again, “we’re playing truth or dare. That’s how it works.”

“Well, what if I say no?”

“Then I won’t lay a hand on you…”

I took a breath, “okay… what if I say yes?”

Harry smiled once at me, showing his teeth. He leant in and pecked my lips quickly, before he squeezed my shoulders with his palms and eased me down onto my back. I let him do it. He moved slowly, palming my knees and spreading my legs gently.

He licked his lips before sucking them in and squeezing the plump, pink flesh into one line. He hooked his thumbs around the band of my shorts, easing them down. My panties came with them.

“Okay…” I blew out a low breath, acutely aware of just how bare I was in front of him. He kissed the inside of my thigh once, before tracing light patterns down the skin with his lips. He grazed all the way to my knee and pressed chaste kisses to the skin, licking back up until he could settle between my legs. He hooked one hand around the underside of my thigh, and threw my leg over his back.

He looked up at me once apprehensively. I giggled a little, and smiled down at him, closing my eyes when he licked up my slit. “You’re pretty wet, you know?” He murmured.

He licked widely along my slit, this time wriggling his tongue in loose patterns to zigzag up and down between my folds. I groaned again when he made his way up to my clit, and sucked obediently on the swollen nub, harshing it with the rough of his cool tongue.

I bit my lip when he started grazing with his teeth. “(Y/N),” he murmured, his pink lips hovering above my wet pussy, “I dare you to enjoy this.”

“Nuh uh,” I reached forward eagerly and ran my fingers through his curls, bunching my hands into tight fists, “it’s my turn, Haz. I dare you to use your fingers…”

He chuckled, pressing his lips to my clit again and kissing softly. He lined two fingers at my entrance and teased the anticipation for a moment. He pressed softly with the pads of his fingers and churned around my juices a little, easing them in slightly. “You’re up to truth, babe,” he swallowed loudly, his lips softened, “do you like that?”

“Uh huh,” I closed my eyes, moaning softly. He eased his two fingers into me and curved them upward. He pressed firmly and pulled them out again, twisting them around and moving in with his palm facing upward.

He leant in with a warm breath and picked up a section of my thigh with his teeth, gnawing gently on the skin, enough to make me groan again.

“Shit… yes, Haz…” I tugged harder on his curls, “truth for you, right? Do you like doing this? Do you like fingering me?”

He breathed against hollow parts of my skin, “fuck yes, babe.” He groaned, sending hot and moist kisses up and down that burned where he left them.

I arched my back up when I could feel my release, barreling faster than I thought it would. “Haz…” I groaned, shutting my eyes tightly, “I think I’m about to come…”

He bent down and sucked hard on my clit again, driving his fingers into my entrance every other second. He turned them clockwise halfway in me, and curved upward, adding a third digit and pummeling it down. He lapped at my juices around the action of his fingers, nipping at my clit until I could feel my toes curling and white spots blinking in my eyes. I let slip a slew of profanities as I came hard, seeing white. I arched up again before collapsing down. I could hear his heady breath over the sound of my own coming back to me. I blinked a few times before I could lean up.

“You’re up to dare, right?” I panted, “I dare you to let me make you come like you just did to me…”

Harry removed himself from between my legs, and leant back on the bed. He wiped his fingers, slick with my juices, on the side of his thigh. “I dare you to do it only if you’re comfortable,” he murmured when he could.

“I am,” I smirked at him, “just don’t hate me if I’m horrible at it.” I tore my shorts the rest of the way down my legs and kicked them afar at my ankles, spreading myself with one knee either side of his body. He threw his t-shirt over his head at the same time.

The alcohol resting in me pounded a heartbeat outside of my chest. I hitched myself up until I was straddling him. He leant back on his elbows and stared up at me, his eyes drinking me in and tasting some kind of lust I didn’t know. I spread my fingers beneath the band of his boxers, easing down the soft skin and yielding flesh. I tugged at the material and yanked until his dick was free again. It sprung up to his abdomen, pink and throbbing. I cocked my head to one side, watching.

“Are you gonna watch it all night, or…” Harry laughed, throwing his head back.

“Sorry,” I bit my lip, “I’m just… wow.”

“That’s alright, babe. But one thing first…” his eyes found mine. He leant up quickly, knocking me back slightly. His hands found either side of my face and he pressed his lips to mine tightly. I eased up again to beckon the kiss, lacing his lips with mine and gliding my tongue restlessly against his. I could taste sweat there, alcohol that he hadn’t yet dissolved, and another tang that had to be me. He flicked his tongue up and curled it along the backs of my teeth, before tearing back and settling down again. I rearranged my stance and bowed my head, dipping down and creasing one palm around the base of his length, warm to the touch.

He groaned when I slid my hand up to the tip, and caught some precum spilling out. I licked my other hand and started pumping him with both, feeling the skin glide with me.

“Shit, (Y/N),” he closed his eyes, lips parting dully, “truth, do you want to use your mouth?” I smiled and bowed down further. I captured the tip between my lips and sucked there for a moment, swirling my tongue around the head before I bobbed down, taking half his length in my mouth. It was all I could fit. He bucked up into me until I gagged. I felt his hand brush my hair and soothe it back, kneading my scalp with the pads of his fingers. He started writhing beneath me.

I leant back up and dropped his length before taking it again and sucking hard, easing down as far as I could go. I hollowed my cheeks enough to feel him throbbing inside of me. I sucked up and down and played with what I couldn’t fit in, flitting fingers at the base. I cupped his balls and squeezed them gently. I popped his length from my mouth again, pumping the length of him with one hand.

“Truth or dare, Haz, does that feel good?”

“Oh, shit… shit, shit… shit, yes, fuck, that feels good, babe, don’t stop,” he shut his eyes tightly, the corners crinkling. His lips were parted, saliva slick around the outline. I pumped him a few more times before warm liquid started pouring out of him.

“Fuck, babe,” he groaned, lying back again. I wiped the tip of his dick with my thumb dully, and raised it to my lips. I slid up until my face was level with his. I pressed my thumb to my lips, and sucked hard on his cum there. He watched me blankly for a moment, before he broke out in a smile. He placed a hand on his chest, skin glistening with a little sweat built up. He sat up when he could, his eyes not leaving mine once. I sat back as well, until we were both cross-legged again, and facing one another.

“Truth or dare, (Y/N), do you want to stop what we’re doing?” He asked, short of breath. I shook my head, and he smiled. He pressed a hand to my cheek and kissed me once. I reached over him for the last of his breath, draining it in one gulp. He watched, mesmerized as I slammed the can back down.

“Come here, then,” he whispered, and I leant back into him. He leant as well, flattening me as he eased me down onto the covers. He pressed his lips to my neck, nudging my head back. He tore up sections of skin and sucked hard, lapping up the marks that he left.

He spread my legs and settled in them with one hand, the other running up and down my side, easing up the material of my shirt. He helped it over my head, and across the room. He captured one of my breasts when he could, yanking down the material of my bra to suck hard on my nipple. I unhooked it from my back and wriggled my arms out of it. He groaned when he took my other breast in his palm and rolled it roughly. I bucked up into him, my crotch pressed thickly to his thigh. I could feel his hard length tickling my skin, rolling past it. He ground his hips down into me, and we both moaned at how good it felt. “I dare you to get in me, Haz,” I groaned, unable to take it much longer. He leant up and smirked to one side of his face.

“Wonder how I’ll compare to Jack Leese,” he teased. I rolled my eyes at him, shutting them when he aligned himself at my entrance and pressed his tip to my slit. “Hey, babe, can you reach over to that drawer there?” He said suddenly, nodding over to the side, where one of my arms was laid. I bit my lip and stretched my limb, reaching the wooden knob and easing the drawer open.

“Alright,” Harry swallowed, “next to an iPhone case and a cricket ball, you’ll feel something small and flat and square. Can you grab that, babe?”

I fished my hand around for a second before I found what he was instructing and picked it up between two fingers. I carried the condom in my hand and passed it to him.

“Good thinking,” I bit my lip, watching as he tore the packet open with his teeth and put the condom on with one hand. He kissed my lips quickly when he teased my slit again. I groaned and bucked up into him. He entered me a little, and we both groaned at the pressure.

“Fuck, you’re tight, babe. You feel amazing,” he breathed, clamping his lips down on a section of my shoulder. He eased himself in further until he reached my hilt, and pressed his tip to my g-spot. I moaned when he pulled out, and did the same thing again. “Oh, God…” I breathed.

He started moving faster, lacing fingers around my hipbones and pressing hard against them each time he thrust into me. He rolled his hips in time with mine, and started to quicken the pace. I wrapped my palms around his biceps and nudged him a little until we rolled over and I was on top. I sat down on his length and ground myself around, sliding up and down on him. “Truth or dare?” I swallowed, “do you like this or should I go faster?”

He tossed his head back, and I held onto a section of his curls as he ground myself down again. “Go faster, babe,” he groaned, “go faster for me, babe.”

I picked up the speed, moaning at how good it felt, pleasure like an animal inside me that was clawing to get out. “Shit, fuck, shit,” I gasped, high-pitched.

Harry palmed my breasts again and looked up at me, catching my gaze. He flicked my nipples before he eased his palms down, squeezing my stomach and then my hips. He captured the balls of flesh and rolled us over again, thrusting hard into me when he could. He ground down insanely deep, my walls pulsating around his length. I could feel him throbbing in me, easing me apart.

“I dare you to come,” he breathed into the crook of my neck, inches below my ear. He kissed upwards until he could tug at the lobe, and yank it down. “I dare you,” he murmured again, his warm breath tickling my skin.

“Fuck,” I shut my eyes tightly. My release flew through me and I held onto it for a second longer before it lurched out of me. I swore off the top of my head as I came, collapsing into the covers beneath me like a half-melted ice cream.

“Shit, babe,” Harry groaned, and came a second later. I could feel him twitch inside of me, before he pulled out and threw the condom off. He lay beside me, panting. I heard him swallow to catch his breath, a second after I did. “Truth or dare, Haz?” I breathed when I could.

“Truth,” he murmured back.

“How long until we get to do that again?” I could feel him smirk beside me, thinking the exact same thing that I was in that moment. 


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