Party And Pleasure

“No.” I spat at my best friend, Haley, who was trying to get me to talk to this one guy I had my eyes on at her roaring house party. “Why?!” Haley beckoned me with pleading eyes staring into mine. “Oh sure! A guy like that,” I said, gesturing over to the gorgeous light, shaggy brown hair boy who was cracking jokes with his friends, his smile a never ending sea of pearly white stretched across his face, “would want a girl like me!” I took a swig of my drink, the light alcohol stinging my throat. “Come on, now. You’re gorgeous. At least go say Hey, he seems like a nice guy.” Haley added, giving me a nudge to my shoulder, pushing me back slightly. “Alright, alright. I’ll go talk to him.” I said, giving into to her word. As I began to walk away from my mischievous fried, there was a pat on my back, I turned around, “Good luck.” she assured me, and I began to make my ascent to the beautiful boy. As I inched closer like a lion stalking her prey, his accent became more evident to me. It wasn’t like normal british accents, it was more smooth, more high pitched, and it made me feel more comfortable. There I was, standing directly behind this boy, so nervous that it almost hurt. I raised up my hand, and tapped him on his broad, muscular shoulders. He swiftly turned around, and his eyes peered into mine. Wow. His eyes were absolutely stunning, they were a light, crystal clear blue. An ocean that lasted for over a thousand miles. “Hey babe!” He said cheerfully, accepting my invitation of greeting. “Hey! Im (Y/N).” I replied, smiling a toothy grin at him. “And Im Louis! What can I do for you?” He questioned, and my stomach dropped, not sure as what to do, or say next. “You, um, you want to dance?” I stuttered out as a fast paced cliche pop song began to play. “Of course, babe!” He replied as he reached for my wrist and pulled me into the crowd of sweating bodies, clamored together. Our bodies smacked together as I grinded my hips into his, as we danced along to the beat. Louis’s hands snaked around me, and gripped my hips pulling me in closer to him. We we’re dancing in perfect rhythm, my pulse rising, the music pumping, when suddenly, someone knocked into Louis. His body hurdled into mine, sending us crashing into the floor. My quick instincts made my hands smack up against my chest, palms facing the ground. I landed on the ground with a loud thud, my hands stopping my head from hitting the hard fabric covered concrete. Soon Louis toppled on top of me, my hands giving out as his large, sweaty body hit mine. As soon as our bodies touched, he rolled off of me, relief shooting through my skin. “Jesus fucking Christ, does no one watch where they are going?” He chuckled out, lifting himself onto his feet, reading an arm down to help me up. I accepted his kind gesture as I intertwined my fingers with his, his bicep poking through his plain teeshirt as he pulled me to my feet. “Sorry about that, love.” Louis apologized as I wiped down my dress, adjusting my look. I nodded my head yes, reassuring him everything was fine. “Follow me.” He said, pulling my arm slightly, indicating me to follow his lead. We made our way up the stairs of the very familiar house, that I had been to many of times. At the top of the stairs Louis looked around, confused as to where to go. I pointed down the short hallway to a spare bedroom that was Kyle’s, Haley’s brother, before he left for college. He dragged me towards the bedroom, and my mind was getting oddly creeped out. Was he already trying to get me into bed after a whole twenty minutes of knowing each other? Louis twisted the door handle, and pushed the large door to the bedroom open. He ran inside and dove face forward onto the bed. “Dear Lord. People just bother me so much sometimes.” Louis sighed as he sat up on the large, blue duvet covered bed. “No offense, Lou, but what the hell are we doing up here?” I asked, trying to be cautious of the stunts he might try to pull. “I just wanted to get away from the party. Calm down a bit. Plus, when I fell, your elbow jabbed into my side and it really hurt.” He laughed as he explained. “Oh my God!” I cried out, as I walked towards Louis laying down gently on the bed. I sat next to him, making a dent in the bed, and he sat up scooting next to me. I reached up and pushed Lou by his shoulder, indicating him to sit back and lay down. He nodded and scooted towards the middle of the bed, laying down with his feet dangling over the edge. The bed shook slightly as I made my way near him, sitting cross legged next to his waist. I lifted up is blue, thin teeshirt and right there on his left side was a giant red mark where my elbow had smacked into him. My eyes gazed over his defined stomach and sculpted chest, and my pupils grew at the sight of him. I rubbed my soft hand over his stomach and caressed his skin up to the red spot. As the tips of my fingers reached the sensitive area he winced in pain. “Wait here.” I demanded, lifting myself out of the awkward position on the bed, “Hurry back, babe.” He said, and I nodded okay at him while flashing a smile at him. I walked into the guest bathroom that was inside the spare bedroom. There was a small cabinet located underneath my seat, I reached down and gripped the small handle in my hands. I swung the door open and grabbed a washcloth. I closed the sink and swiftly turned on the water, letting it set to a warm temperature and running the washcloth underneath the flow of water. The washcloth left small droplets of water on the bathroom floor as I folded it into a small square. The small rag was warm against my skin, as I began to carry it lightly making my way back towards Louis in pain. I pushed the door open quickly, a breeze of air flowing over me. When I stepped back into the room he was lying in, I noticed a familiar blue fabric tossed near the door. As my eyes looked over at Louis I noticed he was a shirtless. His tan skin glowing under the dim light, his muscular arm resting on his belly, and his other arm resting comfortably behind his head. His body was petite but muscular from the tips of his wide broadened shoulders, to his belly he hand was resting on. I guess I had been staring too long because Louis said, “Is this okay?” I bit my lip and chuckled, shuffling my way back towards the bed. I returned to my place sitting cross legged next to waist, causing a dent in the bed and his body leaning closer to mine. Nervousness ran through my body as I lifted up the warm cloth to his chest, and I dabbed the fabric over the now forming a bruise area. He winced in pain again and I stapped back, “Im so sorry.” I reassured him, patting the wounded area again. “It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault babe.” Louis replied, flashing a smile up at me. My eyes skimmed up and down his body, and my eyes trailed down his long slim legs that were covered in what looked like painted on jeans they were so tight, and I could see the outline of his length in them, and bit my lip at the sight. He was definitely big, and the sight of his length in his pants was kind of turning me on. My eyes widened and I could tell my pupils were growing wider, and the color of my eyes growing darker in lust. Louis squirmed when I put more pressure onto the mark I had accidentally caused when he toppled on top of me, if only we were in that position again. As I began thinking of what it would be like with him on top of me I bit my lip once again. “Lip biting,” Louis began to say,” a sign of sexual desire.” My eyes grew impossibly larger at the way the words rolled off of his tongue. “W-w-what?” I stuttered out, trying to recollect my mind and rid it off all dirty thoughts. “Stuttering. A sign of nervousness.” He intervened again. I sat up from rubbing his wounded area, giving him a stern confused look. “Common sense, babe.” He laughed out, and placed a single warm hand on my thigh. I felt my skin grow hot and a lump grow in my throat as I gulped down, hard. There was a slight awkwardness in the room and my heart was racing, my head pounding. So much adrenaline was rushing through my body and his hand on my thigh began to smooth the flesh that was barely showing from my dress riding up. I was trying to control myself but at this point I was far gone. The adrenaline pumping through my veins suddenly hit a rush of courage within me and I leaned down and wrapped my arm across the back of his head and pulled him into me, and I kissed him. I kissed him hard, and he kissed back. He tasted of mint and liquor and I quickly melted into him and he wrapped his arms around my hips and pulled me on top of him, now in a straddling position. He groaned into this kiss and I took that as my chance to slip my tongue into his mouth. They tangled together and I was trying so hard to remain dominant, but I soon gave in. Louis bit my lip ferociously as he pulled out of the kiss and I moaned at the slight painful contact. I gyrated my hips into his as I moved my lips from his mouth and attached them to his neck. My lips sucked on his sweet spot right below his ear lobe, earning a moan from him. Louis’s traveled up and down my curves, that were clothed by my skin tight dress. “Take it off.” He demanded, a slight growl to his voice as I poured through my ears. I bit my lip as I reached behind me and slid the zipper of my navy blue dress down.”Take it off of me.” I said seductively. whispering in his ear. Lou reached up and bunched up the material and pulled it off of me slowly. He tossed it across the room,joining his shirt half way across the room. I made an ascent down to his neck again but suddenly he growled, “No.” And flipped us over so he was on top of me, his blue eyes peering into mine, darkened by the amount of arousal rushing in between us. “Im in charge here.” Louis whispered, nibbling my ear lobe and making his way towards my neck. A squeal fell from my mouth due to his dominance turning me on more. His hands trailed up my body ending at my clothed breasts as his lips assaulted my neck. The hard pads of his fingertips massaged my breasts and I groaned, him smiling into my neck, knowing the power he now had over me. He ascented back up my neck towards my ear, “Am I turning you on? Do you want more?” He growled into my ear and I squirmed at the rasp in his voice, my hands grasping the bed sheets so hard that my knuckles were turning white. I nodded my head yes, and arched my back. Louis got the hint and snaked him arm behind me, unclasping my strapless bra and throwing it to other side of the room, the coldness of the air causing goosebumps to form all over my body. He latched his hands to my breasts, the warmth of them heating up my body. A moan escaped from my mouth, and to muffle the noises Lou trapped my lips into his. Once again, melting into the sweet embrace of our lips forming together. He reached a hand between us, sliding it over my stomach and towards the hem of my modest, yet sexy underwear. My breathing hitched in anticipation of what his next move would be. Louis’s hand then slipped inside of my underwear, cupping my sex in his fingers. I bucked my hips wanting to feel more of him, tired of waiting. With his other hand he slowly slid my boyshorts down my legs and they joined the rest of the clothes on the floor. One of his fingers grazed up and down my slit, ending at my clit and rubbing gently. “Ugh,” I moaned, begging and needing more. Slowly he slid one finger into my center, and I bit my lip, getting what I craved. “Lou…” I growled, and there was a sudden knock at the door. Lou jumped and rolled us off of the bed in a loud thud, and the door swinging open. It was a guy and he was on his phone arguing with someone. “Shhhhh” Louis said, placing a finger over my lips. He thrusted his fingers into me hard, hitting me g-spot, I was just about to shriek when he placed his hand over my mouth, not wanting the guy in the room to hear. I bit the skin of his hand, as he thrusted his fingers into me, hard. Louis then brought his lips to mine, moving his hand and muffling the moans with his mouth. He pulled away from the kiss, and stared into my eyes that were rolling to the back of my head and his thumb grazed my clit over and over. “Im gonna come.” I whispered barely audible, “Good.” Louis whispered back, as he pushed his fingers into me even harder. I wrapped my hands around his biceps and bit my lip as a wave of pleasure began to rip throughout me. We had the slam of a door and Lou turned his head to survey what had happened, but still pumping into me. “All clear, babe.” He winked, and I dropped my lip from my mouth and panted out loud. “Fuck Lou!” I screamed, as my orgasm washed over me, my nails digging into his arms. I threw my head back and attempted to even my breathing as he slipped his fingers out of me. “Off.” I growled, pointing to the tight pants his thick erection was very evident through. As he was beginning to stand up I had a change of plans, I pushed him down off of his knees so his back hit the floor. “Nevermind I’ll do it.” I cooded straddling his lap, “Ouch babe.” He hissed and I looked down at the placement of my hand, it was putting pressure on the now almost completely bruised spot. I quickly removed it and placed it on my bulge, palming him as I straddled his chest. Lou bucked up his hips in anticipation, so I slid off of his chest in between his now parted legs. I laid my body down on his and kissed down his chest, lapping my tongue out at all the right places. When I made it down over to the bruise mark I had caused I kissed it, apologizing silently, when I looked up Lou smiled sweetly and I giggled at him. My mouth made there way to the hem of his pants and latched my mouth over the button. I struggled to unbutton his pants with my mouth, so I ended up using my fingers to undo the restraint of the one thing I needed. Trying to continue my plans, I unzipped the zipper of his pants, and he groaned bucking his hips. I reached up and pushed his hips down making him stay, “Eager boy aren’t we?” I said seductively. The pants on his skin were tight, and I struggled, but finally gave them one big yank and they came off. I left a another kiss at his hips and hooked his boxers inbetween my teeth, sliding them down his muscular legs slowly. Lou’s thick length sprang up to his abdomen, and I eyed in hungrily. My hands wrapped around his throbbing dick, my thumb grazed over the tip collecting the precum and making it easier to slide my hand down his length. He bucked up at the touch as my hand tickled the undershaft. “Fuck babe.” He moaned, and I brought my lips up to his head. I kissed the tip, and swirled my tongue around. “No more teasing.” He growled, taking my hair into his hand. I happily obliged and wrapped my lips around where he needed me most. I went slow, taking as much of him as I could, and pumping what I couldn’t fit in my palm. “Faster.” He demanded, pushing my head onto him more. Pulling my mouth up hard, and crashing it back down onto him, my fingers drumming against the undershaft. Louis grunted and rolled his head onto the floor, his fingers intertwined so hard in my hair it almost hurt. My head was bobbing up and down on his hard member, and as soon as it hit the back of my throat he shot up. “Ugh, stop.” He groaned, pleasure snaking through his body, but I didnt listen, I continued. “Im gonna,” he began to say, “STOP!” he yelled, gripping my head slightly and pulling me up, forcing me to stop. I grinned at him, knowing what I almost had done to him. I lifted up off of my knees to make my way towards to the bed, but Lou reached up and grabbed my wrist pulling me back to the floor, him on top of me now. “But were already down here, love.” His accent filled with lust, purred into my ear. I bit my lip as he aligned his length with my center, he rubbed his throbbing dick up and down my slit, causing me to whimper. My arms found the small of his back and I pulled him close to me, bodies couldn’t get closer than they possibly were. “Do something.” I growled at him, pressing my lips into his kissing me roughly. He laughed as he slid the tip of himself inside of me, “Lou.” I grunted at his teasing. “Yes, babe?” He questioned, winking at me. I bucked my hips up, him sliding into slightly more. Louis finally slid all of his thick length inside my center, filling me completely. “So wet.” He whispered into my ear as he lowered himself to attack my neck, sucking the skin hard, knowing he would leave a mark. Louis was moving barely, and I needed more of him. “Faster.” I begged, and he chuckled moving only a little bit faster, and deeper, I was desperate for him. “Faster. Please.” I warned again, and he moved once again still going agonizingly slow. “Louis, for god sakes, FASTER!” I shouted. “Oh, you want all of me, dont you?” Lou growled, “Mhm.” I nodded excitedly. Louis then rammed into me, the tip of his long, hard length pressing against my g-spot. “Ah, fuck!” I shouted, the loud music pounding which covered up my screams, my fingernails clawing in his back. “There it is.” He whispered quietly to himself, and drove himself into me hard again, hitting the same spot. His hands collided down on my hips, gripping the skin roughly. I rolled my hips into his as we found a perfect pace, and he lifted a leg over his shoulder, him hitting my spot without any effort at the new angle. “Shit.” Louis grunted, pumping into me fast and deep, my head rolling back onto the hard carpet floor. “LOUIS!” I shouted, as I felt the familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach grow. Hr got the hint I was close and removed one of the hands on his hips, he placed one of his soft fingers on my clit drawing figure 8’s. My breathing was uneven and my chest hurt in the good way from the heavy panting. One more hard thrust, and a grunt from him, my body spasmed. I hit my state of euphoria HARD, and I didnt feel like I would ever come back down. “Ugh, come for me Lou.” I moaned, helping him near his edge, while I was riding out my orgasm, Louis hit his. His load shooting into me, and him collapsing on top of me, our heavy chests pressed to each others as we calmed down. Lou rolled off of me, and stood up, replacing his boxers on himself. “Babe?” I asked holding an arm up, he reached down and pulled me up, my legs trembling beneath me. I steadily walked over to the clothes that were tossed onto the floor, I bent down and picked them up. While walking over to Louis I sloppily pulled my boyshorts onto my legs, covering my exposed area. “Here, ya go.” I said, handing him his pants and teeshirt. He returned the clothes to his body, as I did the same. “So, does this mean I get a proper date?” He asked when he was fully dressed as he pulled me into a hug. “Of course.” I replied, leaving a peck on his lips. I used a hand to finger comb my hair, and Louis intertwined his fingers with my free hand. He led me out the door, only to be stopped by, great. Haley. “Oh, someone smells like sex.” She teased winking at me, and eyeing Louis. My face turned dark red blushing as Louis chuckled, his voice still shaky. “Wanna finish our dance, babe?” I nodded my head yes and we made our way back towards the party.


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