I haven’t seen him this angry before. I can’t find Niall’s usual mild expression and easy smile in his face. Part of me is terrified by this new side of him, but somewhere within me, his primal aggression is hitting all the right buttons. He slams the door behind us, kicking his shoes into the wall and chucking his keys onto the hall table, where they skid across the surface, shattering a glass vase.

“Why the fuck were you dancing like that, his hands all over you like you belonged to him,” he barks, his tone harsh and his lilting accent thick and choppy.

“You know who I belong to.” It’s the first thing I’ve dared to say since Niall dragged me from the bar tonight. I stand with my back flush against the wall, and at this he closes the distance between us quickly, his hips pinning mine tightly, his forearms braced on either side of me. His face is inches from mine, and through his thin T shirt I have an excellent view of his tight, lean biceps. Behind the anger in his features, I see a flash of lust as his eyes find my lips, pink and wet from me nervously biting them on the car ride home. His strong hands move under my skirt, and suddenly his lips lock with mine. His kiss is rough and demanding, a shocking contrast to his usual slow and sensual style. He pulls away sharply, as I try to catch my breath.

“Maybe I need to show you..” He growls against my neck. A moan escapes my lips, and all at once I realize I want him, this new, dominant Niall. His hands yank my skirt down where it pools at our feet. He stares at my exposed body, his eyes lingering on my sheer lace panties. I catch a low rumble of approval, before they too are ripped from me. Suddenly two of his long calloused fingers are thrust into me, deep and hard. He leans into me as I cry out and I groan into the skin of his shoulder. Just as I’m adjusting to his rough touch, he pulls away, kicking off his clothes and flinging himself down onto the couch. I follow tentatively to stand before him, not sure if I’m off the hook, or if I want to be.

“Shirt off.” He orders, and I happily obey, letting my gauzy tank join the rest of my clothing. His eyes, still dark with sinister intent, survey my body, his face still full of a heated anger.

“Get on your knees, I want my cock in your mouth.” His commanding tone instantly triggers an instinct to obey.  I settle between his legs and take his thick, hard cock in my hands, pumping it once before putting my mouth to it. As I go to work, I am aware of his hands twining into my hair. Unthinkingly, I trust that he’ll restrain himself, careful not to hurt me or thrust into me, as usual. When his fingers knot tightly and suddenly push me far down onto his long cock, I am unprepared, but as his tip hits the back of my throat, the feeling of him filling me makes me incredibly wet. I moan onto him, making him groan loudly himself. His hips buck into me, developing into a vigorous thrusting, matching the guiding of his hands. He throat fucks me, getting deeper each time. His sounds get louder, until a final thrust pushes me onto him until my lips meet his torso. I can’t suppress my gagging, but he seems to like the way I struggle with his size. He holds me against him as he cums, his hot liquid shooting down my throat. I moan in appreciation and eagerly swallow until he finishes.
I move to straddle him, tugging at his blonde hair, wild from him raking his hands through it in anger, and kiss him softly, revelling in the way his lips ravage mine. He takes my lower lip between his teeth, and bites down hard. Then he tears away, grabbing my hips and pushing me back onto the floor on all fours. He kneels behind me and without warning he smacks my ass. I cry out at the stinging pain but before the shout leaves my throat another blow falls. He continues to spank me, and pain quickly mingles with pleasure. When his hand next falls, it squeezes my cheek painfully hard before he thrusts two fingers into me with a throaty grunt.
“You’re so wet, “ he growls in my ear, leaning over me. He’s making me see stars, and I am incapable of answering when he rips his hand away from me. I whimper at the loss of contact, which causes him to chuckle darkly. When he thrusts his large cock into me I can’t suppress a sharp cry. Unlike his usual struggle  not to move until I’ve adjusted, he begins to thrust mercilessly immediately. Every thrust earns a cry from me and I gasp each time he pulls out. He spanks me sharply, and the pain gives way to an incredibly intense wave of pleasure.
“You like that,” he purrs huskily in my ear, and one hand moves to knead my breast, thumbing my stiffened nipple. His other grips my hip like a vice. When he finally sputters my name,  I can tell we’re both close. One hand wraps around my neck, choking me slightly, and I gasp his name in ecstasy. Both hands are pulling me back down onto his cock, and I push against him, spreading my legs, desperate to have him even deeper inside me. With one final thrust he pushes me over the edge, and I cum screaming his name. his thrusts get sloppy and erratic until I feel a sudden gush as he releases hotly inside me. After a few more lazy thrusts he pulls out. He sits, staring at me, panting, as I lay still gasping from my mind blowing high. His face has returned to it’s usual kind expression, and he looks a bit shell shocked himself. He suddenly scoops me up, seemingly effortlessly and carries me to bed where he sets me gingerly.
“I’m so sorry, (y/n), I cant believe I lost control like that, I hurt you, I should never have-” I interrupt his frantic words with a kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck, and pull him down onto the pillows with me. I lay against his chest and stroke his still heaving torso.
“don’t you dare apologize,” I murmur “I’ve always wanted you to take me like that, aggressive Niall is incredibly hot.”
His eyes widen and scan my face, searching to determine that I am okay.
“Who was that bloke from the bar anyway?” he asks quietly after a moment.
I roll my eyes, “you’re not still on about him?” I demand incredulously
Niall plants a kiss on the top of my head, “I have to thank him for the hottest night of my life.” 
- anonymous
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