Keep It Quiet

For the person who wanted another under the table finger fuck one.(:

I took a last look in the full length mirror before turning to Zayn, “How do I look?” I asked. He looked up from his phone and smiled, “You look great (Y/N). Are you ready to go?” I nodded, “Yeah let’s go” We headed out to the car and Zayn opened my door for me. “Thank you” I said getting in. He got in the drivers seat and we headed off to some big dinner between the boys and the record label people. I was looking out the window when I felt Zayn’s hand on my thigh. I looked at him but he had a natural look on his face and his eyes locked on the road. I stared straight ahead and tried to ignore the growing wetness between my legs. “I don’t feel like going to this dinner any longer” he said. I swallow hard, “Why?” He chuckles darkly, “You know why. I’d much rather be home fucking you senseless” A small moan escapes my lips at his words and he smiles. “I know the thought excites you” he said pulling into the parking lot. We get out and go inside. We find the rest of the guys at a booth and we settle in with them and the few people from the label. We’ve just finished eating and we’re all sitting there talking when I feel Zayn’s hand on my thigh, slowly head towards my wet center. My phone vibrates and I look down. A text from Zayn.

"Are you wet baby?"

I text back: “Wouldn’t you love to know”

A minute later it goes off again: “Want me to finger fuck you right here under this table babe?”

I glance over to him and he smirks before sliding his hand up my dress and running them over my already damp panties. I bite my lip to stop my moan. My phone goes off and I look down again.

"You have to keep it quiet"

I look at him and he smiles. He pushes my panties aside and starts rubbing circles on my clit. I groan and Louis looks at me, “You alright love?” I nod, “Yeah! Just a stomach ache that’s all. I’m good” Zayn smiles again and runs his finger along my folds. I clutch my phone tightly and try to be quiet. He slips a finger into me and it takes everything I have to keep silent. He slipped a second finger inside and me and I can’t hold in my moan. Zayn creases his brow, “Are you alright love?” I nod, “Just my stomach. Maybe it’s c-ramps” I say. “Maybe we should go” Zayn says plunging his fingers into me. I bite my lip as I feel myself on the edge. Zayn pulls his fingers out and stands. “We’re gonna go” he says. I stand and we say goodbye to the others and leave. The first few minutes of the ride is awkward and quiet. “That was a thrill wasn’t it?” He said. I blushed, “Mhm” We pulled outside our house and then went inside. I dropped my bag onto the sofa and turned to Zayn. He pulled me close, “Want me to finish what I started?” he ask, leaning close. I moan and nod my head eagerly. He smirks and pulls me along to our bedroom. Once inside he pulls off my dress and flings it across the room. I wasn’t wearing a bra so he cupped my breast and squeezed them before placing soft kisses against my nipples. “Enough teasing” I say. He pushes me onto the bed and I kiss him hard. “I want your clothes off” I say. I push off his shirt and run my fingers over his chest. He kisses down my neck to my stomach. He pulls off my panties and drops them onto the floor. I moaned as he spread my legs and pressed a small kiss against my clit. He comes back up to my mouth and kisses me again. I undid his belt and pushed off his trousers and boxers. I took his hard cock into my hand and started stroking him. “Mmm” he moaned. He kissed me hard as I continued to pump his shaft. He pushed my hand away and rubbed his tip against my clit and folds. “Zayn, please just fuck me” I whimper. He gives me a smile and thrusted himself inside. I moaned and arched my back. “I’ve got you so fucking wet and tight” he says kissing me hard. I moan and rock my hips into his. His thrust are hard and deep, pulling me closer to the edge with every one. “Fuck, (Y/N) I’m close” he groaned. “Cum then” I said kissing him hard. He reach down and rubbed my clit in hard circles. I groaned his name as my walls clenched around him and he came inside me. He rode out our highs and kissed me lightly before pulling out. “I love you” said laying next to me. “I love you too you cheeky bastard” I said smiling. 

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