The Babysitter

"MOM! I’m 16, why the hell do I need a babysitter?" You followed your mom into her closet as she was trying to pick out a dress for her date tonight. "Because, you’re 16… " "Mom, I am a mature 16 year old!" You complain. "Only immature 16 year olds say that…" She pulls out a simple black dress and holds it up to herself.  You nod approvingly, hoping that agreeing with her would change her mind. "Y/N, no matter what you do… you’re getting a babysitter and that’s final." You role your eyes and stomp out of your moms closet. Why the hell do you need a babysitter?!? You are 16 for goodness sakes, almost an adult and your mom thinks you need babysitter? When you turn 18… You’re moving out.  You walk into the kitchen and grab a bottle of water from the fridge. You turn the cap open and take a drink. You then head upstairs to change into some comfortable clothes for you to go running in. You walk to your closet and pull out a sports bra along with some ‘PINK’ yoga pants. You quickly change and put your hair in a messy bun. You look into your full length mirror to make sure you don’t look too lazy. When you’re satisfied you jog downstairs to the kitchen and find your mom talking to 2 men. One that must’ve been her date and another who looked like he was about 18. Was that your babysitter? If it was… You were NOT complaining as he was quite attractive.  He had shaggy brown hair and emerald colored eyes. His eyes slowly shifted to you behind the kitchen counter as you grabbed an apple and took a bite. He smiled at you. Whoa, did he have a gorgeous smile. He had perfect dimples and his eyes lit up like the stars. He was absolutely beautiful.  You quickly returned the smile and looked away quickly as you had started to blush. You walk to the table and grab your iPod and pop the headphones into your ears. You take a swig of water as "Call Me Maybe" starts to play. You start to walk to the door when your mom sees you.  She signals for you to pull out your head phones. You obey.  "Where do you think your going?" She asks as she moves her hands to her hip. "I was just going for a run…" You say flashing your eyes to the boy whose eyes are already on your body. You smirk and then turn back to your mom.  "Not while I’m out, your aren’t." "Why is it such a big deal?" You ask, rolling your eyes. "Because I’m your mom and I don’t want you out unless I’m home and I know when you’ll be back." "Fine. Whatever." You roll your eyes again. "Stop with attitude, young lady! This is Jack…" Your mom signals to the older man and you force a smile. "And this is Harry, his son." She introduces you to your very attractive ‘babysitter’. You’re pretty sure it’s illegal for someone to be that attractive.  "Hi…" He mutters and holds his hand to shake. You slowly return. Th hand shake and immediately feel a spark.  You smile at him as your hands me. "Hi, I’m Y/N."  "Well," your mom interrupts, "We shouldn’t be too late, but make sure you stay out of trouble." "Isn’t that why I have a babysitter?" You ask, mimicking your mom. "See you guys later." They walk out the door leaving you and Harry standing in the front entrance. After a very long and awkward silence Harry finally spoke. "Soo… What do you want to do?" "Well I want to go for a run, and you are supposed to be the babysitter… Not me." "Well, actually… I thought you were my babysitter. My dad told me that I had to come because I wasn’t mature enough to be alone…" "Really? That’s exactly what my mom said to me!" "Wow." he rolled his eyes and gave a low chuckle. There was an awkward silence until I spoke up. "How about we just watch a movie?" "Sure…" You finally realize he has a deep British accent which makes him that much more attractive. You lead him to the living room and set him down on the couch.  "What shall it be? Funny, action, romance?" "Uhh, I don’t really care." He says in his deep voice. "How about ‘Love Actually’?" You ask, pulling it out of the box as if you had already decided. "I love that movie!" He flashes you his smile as you pop it into the player and then moved to the kitchen.  "Popcorn?!?!" You shout. "Uhh, sure, I guess." He mutters. You quickly put the popcorn into the microwave and set it for 3 minutes. As you are waiting for the popcorn to be done you look in the door of the microwave noticing how non-attractive you look compared to the curly-haired beauty sitting in your living room. You quickly pull your hair out and run your fingers through it making it a little messy.  The popcorn has stopped popping and you pushes ‘stop’. You grab a bowl and then get the popcorn. You pour the popcorn into the bowl and then walk back out to the living room. You walk to sit beside Harry and set the popcorn on the table in front of you. You snack on it until it’s gone. "I love this part!" You say as one of the heated parts start. "No way! Me too!" He smiles seductively causing you to blush. "And why would that be?" You raise an eyebrow at him.  "I don’t know…" He says sarcastically. "Pervert." You mutter under your breath. "Aren’t we all?" He laughs. "Actually proud to say I’m not too much of a pervert…" "And yet, this is your favorite part…" "Maybe it’s because it’s romantic and the closest-" you stop in mid-sentence. "The closest what?" He scoots closer so you can feel his breath on you. You breathe in his scent and that causes you to stutter. "Uh…uh… I’m a…" "You’re a what?" He raises his brow at you and gives a mischievous smile. "Nothing…Forget I said anything." You turn back to the movie. "You’re a virgin… Aren’t you?" "I said drop it." You spat at him, embarrassed. "I could change that." He smirks. "You know, I’m actually fine being a virgin until I am ready…" You shift uncomfortably. "I don’t think you are." You feel his breath on your neck as he scoots closer. You shiver and catch your breath. "How would you know?" "Because I know your type." He whispers in your ear. "And what exactly is my type?" You turn to find him right in your face. "You want me to tell you?" "I’m all ears." You sit up and cross your legs. "Well, to begin… You like watching scenes like that because it makes you feel mature. Like you’re ready for it." You roll your eyes. "You get really uncomfortable when talking about it and you force yourself into believing you don’t want it by little eye rolls and crossing your legs." "Whatever you say."  He scoots closer to you and leans close to your ear. "And when I get exceedingly close you pretend you don’t like the feeling, but you secretly love it." You hitch your breath as you feel is lips fall to your neck. He starts leaving love bites all over neck until he finds your sweet spot causing a moan to come from your mouth.  "Harry… I don’t really know you and uh, I don’t feel comfortable. You’re my babysitter.." You scoot away for him, but he just scoots closer. "So now I’m your babysitter? Please…Y/N, You’re beautiful." He whispers in your ear. "You have nothing to be uncomfortable about." His words soothed you, but you still were nervous. "Well…What if I do something wrong? What if I’m bad at it?"   "Love, I’ll do all the work." He winks as you flash him a smile. "But-" His lips are on yours. You slowly sink into the kiss as he slides his tongue along your lip, asking for entrance. You allow and your tongues fight for dominance as he lays you down on the couch. You just stare at him as he slowly puts his legs on either side of your hips and tears off his shirt revealing his perfectly toned abs. You feel your ‘lower region’ start to heat and get wet. You stare at him as his eyes start to darken with lust while you run your hands along his abs getting a moan from him.  "You’re perfect." He says as your hair is spread wide around your face. He slowly leans in and starts to nibble on your neck. You let out a moan as your hands move down to his belt buckle and start to undo his jeans. You slowly pulls his pants down revealing his Calvin Klein boxers now showing a pretty bug bulge. Yours eyes widen and he smirks as he moves his lips up to yours. He slowly pulls your sweats down revealing a now soaked purple thong.  He slowly pulls your sports bra over your head and you try to cover your now exposed breasts. Harry removes your hands though and leans down to lightly kiss you nipple. "They’re perfect." He whispers before swirling his wet tongue around each nipple. He makes sure to give each boob the same amount of attention. He starts by kissing around the nipple, swirling his tongue around your hard nipples. He then takes it all in his mouth and starts to suck your nipple fully. He nips at it and then licks it again. He continues to kiss your whole boob. When he is done with the breasts he moves to your cleavage and runs his tongue along the valley. When he feels as though he’s given your breasts enough attention he slowly kisses down your toned stomach, swirling his tongue at your belly button. He leaves love bites all the way down to where your thong and stomach meet. He looks up to you, asking for permission to pull down your thong and you nod before he slowly pulls away the thong with his teeth, painfully slow.  He starts to kiss the inside of your thigh, making sure to cover the whole area with his long tongue. You start to moan as he is moving painfully slow. He swirls his tongue around every inch of your thigh making sure to give them the proper attention. He slowly starts to move further up your leg. Finally, he gets to your, now very wet, pussy. He slowly kisses the outer region as you let out a loud moan. He sucks at the edges of ‘your area’ and licks around your whole womanhood. He slowly leaves kisses right where your vagina meets your rear. He slowly likes from the bottom of you slit all the way up to your clit, swirling his tongue whe pn he gets there. He slowly lifts up your knee and hitches it over your shoulder causing you to intake a breath. He smirks before he starts to kiss every part if your vagina. He slowly starts to trace his tongue in the shape if a heart over and over. He then slowly licks your lips and you grab his curls. You force his face to go deeper causing his tongue to slam inside of you.  "Harry…yes. Keep going." You moan as he swirls his tongue inside of you. He makes sure to curl his tongue inside of you. He quickly brings his middle finger to your slit and slowly slides it in to meet with his his tongue. At first it’s painful, but pleasure soon takes over as he starts to pump his finger in and out. His tongue keeps swirling around making sure to give your clit enough attention. He soon adds another finger causing you too scream in pleasure. He starts to push them in and out curling when he gets to your g-spot. He starts going faster and harder causing you to build up.  "Harry, that feels amazing! Shit, I’m gonna-" You cum all over his tongue and fingers. He slowly pulls completely out and licks his fingers up and down before making sure to lick your pussy clean. He licks all around, making sure to clean your thighs, he sucks all the way down to you knee and back up making sure to clean you up for round 2. He licks his tongue on your slit making sure it’s clean and ready.  "Harry, I’m ready…" You notice the huge bulge in his boxers and you lift your eyebrow. You slowly trace the edge of his boxers before pulling them down causing his hard dick to smack him in the stomach. You smile before grabbing him in your hand and slowly running your fingers along his cock getting a moan from him. You slowly lean forward and lick him just enough to lubricate him. You then slowly pull his hard penis down to your throbbing pussy and brush it along the slit.  "Are you sure? We don’t have to…" "I want to, but you have to promise me one thing… If I end up pregnant, you have to be there for me." You look at him and he smiles. "Of course I will be there for you." He leans down and kisses your forehead before slowly entering you. You whimper and a tear rolls down your cheek from the pain. He stops abruptly. "I can’t do this, Y/N. I’m hurting you…. I can’t hurt a girl as gorgeous as you…"  You shake your head. "No keep going…please." He nods, more to reassure himself than anything. He then slowly slides into you and you hold your breath because of the pain. You wait for the pain to subside and pretty soon pleasure takes over.  "Fuck, Harry. You feel amazing…" You moan as his hard cock slides in and out of you and his pace quickens. "You’re so tight, Y/N. You are perfect." He moans back. "Faster…" You scream as you grab his penis and move it in and out of you.  He picks up the pace and starts to slam harder into you. "Harry! Fuck me as hard as you can!" You scream as he slams into you. The sound of skin on skin as you feel yourself coming to your high. "I’m gonna cum!" "Hold on, baby! I’m almost there!" He shouts as his pace quickens and he starts fucking you as hard as he can. You reach between your bodies and start to rub his cock. You hear him moan and you start to rub faster. You lean forward and start to kiss his hard dick. You start to lick and suck getting moans from him. You smirk as he gets harder beneath your mouth.  "Fuck, Y/N! I am gonna-" You both reached your high at the same time, coming into each others bodies. You slowly flip him over so you are laying on top. You set your forehead to his and slowly kissed him on his lips. You pull apart and whisper, "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but I really like you, be my boyfriend maybe?" You flash him your teeth and he chuckles. "Of course." He smiles and kisses you on the forehead. "I really like you, Y/N… A lot."  "We’re gonna get busted by our parents…"  "You bet you are." You look up to see your mom and Jack standing there.  Awkward…

*3 months later*

"It’s a girl!" The doctor stated as you and Harry smiled at the sonogram before you. You look over to Harry who us starting to tear up. You kiss him and then look at him. "We’re going to be parents, Harry. We’re going to have a baby girl." You let a tear run down your cheek. "I know, baby… I know." He kisses you on the forehead. Maybe babysitters aren’t so bad after all…


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