Zayn Malik Has A Nice Dick

(Y/N) was casually walking the streets of London on her vacation your mother gave you. Until she bumped into someone. You were about to go off on this shitface until you looked at him and seen he had the body and face of an angel.
"Oh my God! I’m sorry are you alright miss!?" The gorgeous boy said.
“Oh yes I’m fine and I’m (Y/N) by the way.” you reply.
“I’m Zayn, and I still feel bad for knocking you down like that. Can I take you out to dinner sometime?”
“You want to take ME out to dinner!?” you reply dumbfounded cause you never really had high selfish esteem about yourself and you can’t believe someone like this is asking you out. Zayn chuckles and says, “you say it as if I’m to good for You or something, but here’s my number. Call me anytime you feel like going on this date with me.” he walks away leaving the scent of his Gucci Cologne behind. You go home and call your bestfriend about it and gush on how sexy he was. You are scared to call him but your friend pushes you to go on this date. And to just call him. So you end up calling Zayn and take him up on his offer. He tells you he’ll pick you up in a hour. So you take a shower straightened your hair but waving the ends and flipping your bangs. You put natural eyeshadow on and heavy eyeliner and mascara. You were tight fitted red dress that made your boobs look great and showed off your nice toned legs. Then you paired it with silver sparkly Christian louboutins. They had red bottoms. You looked in the mirror and dayumm you looked good. You sprayed on some Victoria secrets scent “heavenly” then you heard a knock and right then You knew it was Zayn. Your heart felt as it was going to fall to your stomach. You go to the door and answer it to a Zayn in a black blazer and white button up shirt and some dark jeans With his combat boots. And wow he looked sexy. You look at Zayn and he is eyeing you up and down. He then speaks and says, “Wow, you look so beautiful. I kinda don’t want to go to this dinner now. I’d rather go to your bed and have some other type of fun instead.” you are in complete shock in to what he just said but you agree cause let’s face it the boy is a walking orgasm and you don’t know if you’d ever get a chance like this again. You lead him up to your bed and he grabs your waist and starts kissing you quickly turning the kiss into a heavy makeout. He pushes you softly down on your bed and takes off his blazer and button up then unzips your dress and tosses it on the floor. You put your hands immediately on his toned chest and ABS cause they were hot as fuck. Zayn moaned into your guys kiss and you felt his huge erection through his pants. You unzip his pants and throw them off then take off his red Calvin Klein’s. Releasing his 9 and 1/2 inch dick. ‘Dayum he has a nice dick,’ you thought to yourself. You whisper in his ear and say, “Zayn, I’m NOT into foreplay. I just want you to fuck me senseless.” he smirks and says, “good (Y/N) I was planning on doing that anyway.” he takes off your underwear and positions his cock at your entrance then eases in letting you adjust. After you told him your good he started thrusting slowly but with alot of force hitting your g-spot every time. He is groaning and grunting with each thrust and your moaning his name like it was the only word you knew. Your near and you feel your walls tighten around his big cock and he whispers, “Cum for me babe.” and with that you orgasm and sending him to orgasm from the sound of the pleasure he was giving you. He collapse on you and says, “Wow, best I ever had, but I still want to take you to dinner sometime and get to know you.” you smile from ear to ear happy that this wouldn’t just be a one time thing. “I would love that.” you reply. And Zayn ends up cuddling you for the rest of the night.


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